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Former Wallaby captain David Pocock and six other protestors were arrested at Whitehaven Mine site at Mauls creek in the Leards State Forest near Narabri NSW. All seven received conditional bail to appear back in court in the new year of 2015 on January 14 and 27th respectively.

David said its incredibly important we have conversations about this I would be doing this regardless of what career I had. In 2014 to put a coal mine in the middle of a state forest does not make any sense. He said local people were very concerned about the possible effect of the mine on the water table.

The approval of this mine was always a scandal .. Last year the former federal labor environment minister Tony Burke admitted he had been forced to approve the mine after the former NSW state resources minister Chris Hartcher released confidential letters from Burke to Hartcher. In this rotten game this was primarily designed to force Burke's hand by indicating Burke's intention to approve the mine at some time in the future.

Local farmers want a full inquiry on how the mine was approved by state and federal governments. They should be afforded the proper process to protest this coming onto their farmlands.

David Pocock has added his voice to the many voices who have already spoken up very loud. Pocock is a highly moral young man Alan Jones said. He may know him, I don't but I don't doubt that he is. Standing up for your country is no walk in the park because the ramifications are serious.
My rant on the issue at hand is about staying true to ourselves:

So does young Pocock quit now ... when his contract is up? Now he realizes actually who is who in the zoo?  Well, he may as well work off that precept because its highly likely the rich that covertly govern what happens at Australian Rugby Union will NOT re new his contract.
So, will he now be true to his ethics and walk away from the greedy raunches that control Rugby Union?
  It's the private school game.  Some who are involved believe only wealthy people should play this game.  I have heard that statement myself.

I also want to stress that I am not trying to take anything away from David Pocock.  The boy has guts to do this sort of lark inside of the high caliber 'old boys club' environment. He may have sunk his chances for a future in Union at a high level.
  The corporations who run union won't take kindly to this sort of out burst from any of the players.

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