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Walk three times around Tenterfield's lucky Cork Tree.

Cork Tree

Tenterfield in Northern NSW has a special tree repuded to have been brought from England in a *'Jam Tin' by Edward Parker in 1861. It has become known as the lucky Cork Tree.  It is located in Wood Street in Tenterfield NSW.
Located here on the map below.

The legends of the Cork Tree ...

Known as the Wishing Tree, as well as Cork Tree in English folklore, it is said that the trees are surrounded with a strange power to bring good luck to those who observe certain rituals dating back to the time of the Great Plague of London 1665. At that time, people came from all parts of the country to walk around the tree three times and as they walked, to make a wish. Some came for better health, some for better fortune and others for a wife or husband. It was said that few were disappointed.
Fortune Favours those who see
More in me than just a tree
Look at my cork
And three times walk
Before my girth for all to see

the cork tree sign
Photo Source: Flickr

Tenterfield grew as it did and was populated with colonists who saw the likeness to the old country, the weather was similar to bonny Scotland, Ireland and England.  Its still a cold place and saw snow covering everything a few times last winter (2015).

On our Roadtrip to Brisbane
Tenterfield NSW
* Jam Tins were very handy and were used extensively for many purposes, those include being used for a billy can by attaching wire as a handle, enabling the bushman/pioneers to make a cup of tea on the road.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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