Thursday, November 05, 2015

Over a week of solid rain on the Tablelands.

 IMG 5434

After a week or more of storms and good rain, the tablelands are as green as the fields of the east coast.  The rocky granite bush is like a coastal paradise at the moment.  I think the ground needed this great big drink.  The weather front has stretched the full length of the continent from North to South. 

I think life will be pleasant for the animals for a good while after this large wet event because life comes briskly and cheerfully after the big rains.

Melbourne, Victoria, was on route for a Tornado today.  This super cell was downgraded, however it was a tornado for a short time after starting as a funnel cloud off the coast. Some places lost roofs and trees were uprooted.
"MELBOURNE has received almost half its monthly rainfall in just two days after wild storms caused chaos at Oaks Day."

IMG 3554 Funnel Cloud

There were severe storm warnings all over NSW today.  Further north out west near Goondiwindi was on alert.  The Mid North Coast was expecting large hail stones and damaging winds.

The warning was issued at 4.36pm this afternoon and comes after a media release from the Bureau warning of thunderstorm events for the next couple of days.
Its summer on the way once again.  The rain prepares the way for upcoming sweltering we are about to have.  Such a shame that all this ground water provided by the universe and the structure in which it disseminates to us can be stolen by big mining.  They steal our very energy field of life and the health of each person.  It is in the tiniest cell or atom.  It is real and it seeps in like water!

IMG 0161 Lenticular cloud forming

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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