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Solo by Miss B. Peters, the Killarney church, organist. 20th November

I have fond memories of Killarney from my childhood.  It was a lush environment and a great climate, the place always smelled lovely.  Everyone grew beautiful roses and the black soil was almost edible it was that rich.

My grandparents Markus and Matilda Peters (nee Butler) lived there together from the time of their marriage.  My Grandfather owned the grocery shop in the main street and later on in my childhood John Carter managed the store.  John Carter was Queenie Carter (nee Butler) son, Queenie and my grandmother (Matilda) were sisters.
I am presently researching my family history and I was very interested to read this very interesting piece in the newspaper concerning the organist - Miss B Peters. Given this is in 1926 - then I have some idea on finding her on genealogy sites etc. She is a miss here and so this means she is the daughter of a Peters, and not her married name.  Enjoy the article for a walk down memory lane.
Newspaper Clippings pertaining to my Family History

Excerpt from The Warwick Daily News
26th November 1926

(From our Correspondent.)
On Tuesday evening the Killarney Presbyterian Choir of 17 voices under the baton of Mr. John McArthur jour neyed to Acacia Greek, to render a programe in. the picturesquely situat ed district church building, which had just recently being thoroughly renovated and the objective of the
entertainment was to defray in part the 'financial obligations incurred. About seven p.m. the party left Killarney comfortably ensconced in Mr. Roy Clarey's motor conveyance which had been gratuitously placed at their disposal.
A good attendance of local residents comfortably filled the building. Mr. John Inglis in the capacity of chairman contributed to the evening's pleasure by his capable conduct of the program. This opened up with an organ, solo by Miss B. Peters, the Killarney church, organist, followed by a Male Quartette consisting of Rev. M McDermant, J, Spreadborough, Loose more and J. McArthur; quartette, Miss Backhouse, Miss Grace Bond, Messrs. J. Arthur, J. Spreadborough; quartette, Mrs. C. White, Miss Grace Bond. Messrs Spreadborough and McArthur;   duet, Messer F. Fielding, and J. Spread borough; elocutionary item; Mrs. Mc Dermant, "The fashionable "choir'
vocal solos, Mrs. C. White, Mr. Loose more and Rev. M McDermant.
During the evening the choir render ed a number of items in it manner suggestive of careful training and re fleeting credit upon their conductor. Mr. H. F. Wride also contributed with a monologue series.
At the close of the evening - Mr. Inglis, supported by Mr. W. Jones, thanked the visitors, and extended an invitation to all to partake of refreshment prepared by the lady adherents and served upon, the lawn, The Rev. M McDermant 'thanked the ladies for their courtesy in providing the much enjoyed tea and dainties. The singing of "For they are jolly good fellows" brought a thoroughly enjoy able evening to a close. "
... On the return journey the choir dispensed harmony en route.

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