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"Scientists are nothing other than White Coat Priests - product of Rome!"

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Sometimes some people are a wealth of knowledge.  Take John Jensen's comment from back in 2013 regarding seas rising in the comments section of an article on the origins of modern man.  I have also read about all of the events he has quoted  on many occasions.  I too believe we have had several cataclysmic events on Planet Earth.  I also think Sumerian culture has much to offer by way of truth not myth as some would have it. 

The best one he discusses is the 288 day orbit of Sun - this fits with the knowledge there were two extra zodiac signs admitted along the way when it was only ten prior with the addition of Scorpio and Libra.  The Scales being the epitome of balance and balance being the new order of the day.  Read on and check out what Jon has detailed out yourself.  It blows this fake religion called Christianity out of the water.  The Roman church has performed the biggest scam on the entire world.
Actually, Geologists don't agree the last great flood was around 8,600 years ago. Almost all marine archaeologist, oceanographers, palaeo-oceanographers and most biologists agree there have been 4 super catacysms across the Holocene, and three minor ones, with 3 specific ice melt surges (pulses) since the onset of the Holocene.

The major ones occur at -14,800, -11,200 and -7,000 years before present. Between 11,200 ybp and -7,000 ybp, oceans rose 195'. The proof of the last great cataclysm -7,000 years ago exactly, is the Storegga Underwater Landslide (a 700 mile wide slope failure), dated to exactly 7K years ago. In addition, the Bosporus Strait breached 7,000 years ago.

Both Niagara and Minnesota Falls birthed 7,000 years ago, and worldwide there are major Tsunami deposit dated to 7,000 years ago. Ancient Canals on the East Coast of the US are water table rise dated to almost exactly 7,000 years ago, as is the Bimini Harbor Wall, the demise of the Windover Bog People and the end of the ancient Michigan Copper Miners.

[Space limits other facts] but there are many more that collectively prove the last great cataclysm occurred -7,000 years ago.

One fact that seals the deal is that ocean rise leveled off exactly 7K years ago and has risen less than 6' over the 7K years, while ocean levels had risen 195' in the previous 4K years.

I will leave it to you to do the math. But trust me, it is daunting to imagine the heat index required to melt enough ice in 4K years to raise ocean levels even 10', let alone 195'. So it was very hot during that period.

About the only mechanism available to raise or lower temperatures instantaneously is solar heat. So we got knocked closer to the sun by some impact event, then got knocked back to the orbit we are in now about 7K years ago. Which matches the Zep Tepi (early Egyptians) accounts of previous calendars.

They said they had two previous calendars before the present one. The one before current was a 360 day solar orbit, and the one before that was a 288 day solar orbit. Nothing addresses the third Ice Melt Pulse as clearly as a 288 day solar cycle.

Anyway, if a Geologist told you a major cataclysm occurred about 8,500 years ago, he just wrong. But so are most scientists that hang on to old paradigms that don't have any basis in fact, like the antiquated notion of Newtonian Physics, where 'Gravity' is a fixed law. It isn't. At best 'G' force is attenuated, at worst it doesn't exist at all, and some other force is present.

So don't bank much on 'Scientists', they live on about the same level of 'belief systems' that the creationist folks do.
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