Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jesse turns 27 today! ... Happy Birthday Son.

To my Son who turns 27 today. 

That is a milestone not to be laughed at.  You are approaching your Saturn return.  Happy Birthday Jesse.  I love you Son.

I decided to spend a day and study the ephemera in search of the time when this planet will return in the sky to the place exactly as the time you were born on 19th September 1988 at 11:23pm at Auchenflower.

Saturn is a slow planet and it takes 29.3 years to return to the place in the sky where it was when you were born.  This is why it is called your "Saturn Return".


The above magic square has all the numbers one to nine arranged in such a way that they all add to 15.  If you start at one and move through the numbers with a line drawing them together into theirn  groups of three in their correct order until you reach nine... What will appear is a seal.  It is the Sigel of Saturn that it makes when you draw it this way.

A sigil (/ˈsɪəl/; pl. sigilia or sigils; from Latin sigillum "seal"). WIKI
Magic square of Saturn
In the kabbalisticly based traditions of ritual magic , the planets are the manifestation in the physical world of higher cosmic forces. These forces are represented by the numbers that embody their qualities. The seals and symbols are used to invoke those qualities (Saturn in ritual magic represents the forces of containment, time, death, and stagnation) in ritual.  Symbol Dictionary
Death does not always mean a physical death of the body, it can mean the death of situation, a problem is laid to rest, and from Death, new life springs forth as it does each spring when it is your birthday.  Life is renewed and invigorated with the energy of the Sun returning to it.  In other words you begin to see things in a new light (sun).  Angles of light shining on something can make an object appear different with each passing moment because of the shadows that are cast.  Turn everything around well, look at everything from all angles and then move forward with the wisdom of having seen it from all sides.  This is what a soul should do when Saturn is back with them.  The Rings of Saturn are

The Romans, according to their custom of identifying their deities with those of the Greek gods whose attributes were similar to their own, declared Cronus to be identical with their old agricultural divinity Saturn

Your first Saturn return comes on the 17th November 2017.  You will be 29 years old
Your second one arrives on the 22nd December 2046  You will be 58 years old
Your third comes on the 29th January 2076  and if you are alive you will be 88 years old.

I am presently about to embark upon my second Saturn Return and it will be here like yours about the same time. 

I finally managed to fall pregnant with you during this most tumultuous and dangerous time during my first Saturn return.  A lot of people predicted this may happen and it did.  I should have listened to them but others said it was rubbish and that it really didn't mean anything.  I think I made a mistake not listening because it was so after all.

It is a time of huge changes and growing and maturing into an adult as you start to put the pieces together to realize what it is that is important in your life and what path you will follow through your life's journey. This path lasts almost thirty years, or just shy of it.  I know this to be true in a really personal way and if you look you will see this also.

 Jesse  newborn (B/W)

Stay safe and I hope today was wonderful for you.  Just know I always miss you terribly and every day without you in my life is one day less I will see you in humanity.  I miss you xxx   Love Mumma

 I loved seeing this video too....

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