Friday, September 18, 2015

Freezing Broccoli

IMG 9340  Broccoli

Since moving up to colder country, I have grown a reasonable crop of Broccoli.  There is only two of us to eat all of this and so to ensure we can eat all of this at its peak, I decided to freeze some.

First step is to be organized and have everything ready before you cut the broccoli stems.  This way there is absolutely no time for decomposition before freezing.

Being organized means having a large pot of boiling water fully boiling and another large pot with very cold water and ice cubes in ready, after adding ice cubes to this water place it back in the fridge to achieve maximum coldness.

Put the trimmed broccoli into the boiling water for exactly 3 minutes.  Watch the clock closely down to the seconds, its important to do this properly. 

When the 3 minutes are up take out of the boiling water and plunge into the cold water and leave in the cold water for a further 3 minutes.  Its good if you have a good steamer basket they can sit in and just be lifted out quickly with out a fuss.

Dry the broccoli with a nice clean tea towel and lay in a tray to initiate the freezing process when nice and hard place in a freezer back and tie up.   Doing this avoids the wet broccoli sticking together in one lump. 

This is good in the freezer for a year.  I am sure we will have eaten all of ours well before a year is up.  Happy Broccoli freezing.
Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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