Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Halal certification stirs the economic pot.

We have been tricked for too long by Arnotts Australia who have now been caught out. The Non-Halal website shows their Replies.
Look at what they say in that correspondence.
Arnott's Australia admit that the Malaysia & Indonesian facilities are theirs and admit they pay for Halal Certification offshore.
We have been wrong to say that the parent company is paying the Halal Certificated - The parent company is Campbell's Soups & they don't make the biscuits, Arnott's Australia are in charge & oversee the halal facilities & the halal certification.
On their website Arnott's Australia say none of their AUSTRALIAN Sold products are Halal Certified... which is why they said they would follow it up when we told them we were finding halal certified Arnott's on sale in the cheap shops in Australia.
Their export products are not supposed to be sold in Australia, because they Hide their Halal operation from the Aussies... that's what they're following up - their exports!
If you look on Wiki - there is no mention at all of the Malaysian or Indonesian facilities... They do say they import from Australia!
ARNOTT'S Biscuits are made in compliance with Sharia Law!

Halal in Australia has got to be as shady as from what it looks like from the outside.  It appears to be just a license to print money for those who are in charge of organizing this.  Madura Tea paid for Halal Certification but after observing their business they decided to drop this as there was no changes.

Bribery allegations were initially aired in Indonesian news also links to terrorism and money going offshore to Indonesia. There have been claims halal certification is a scam by Muslim interests to raise money for mosques and therefore for "jihad." They base this assertion on media reports in France, Canada and the United States claiming certification funds had been paid to organizations linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Halal Vegemite... how lovely. I was typing the word Halal in a post this morning... don't think i have ever typed that before and at the same time Brice picked up the Vegemite jar and said to me - "What is Halal". I said to wow that was spooky lol and told him what had just occurred.

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