Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Australia ... probably the oldest place on the planet.

The Karriong Glyphs near Sydney have been deciphered as definitely Egyptian.  It took four months by two gentlemen from the Khemit School of ancient Mysticism (Egypt) to decipher just one wall.

A friends images of the Karriong Glyphs near Sydney Australia.
Many have committed themselves and said these glyphs are fake.  Most say this straight off  because they are not perfect like other classical Egyptian work.  The reason they are not perfect is because they were put there by Egyptians 500 years BCE who were shipwrecked here and they were following there strict burial Lore. The engravers were not priests or scribes themselves, however they were versed in the Language enough to complete an engraving that would remain here for thousands of years.

Danny Wilton well known decoder of ancient mystical information still thinks they are fake and yet these glyph are in the dreaming stories of the Darkinoong people here for the last 2,500 years and the Egyptian Khemmet School has decoded their important messages.

So with all of this information one can safely see these engravings are definitely  not fake.  That is impossible with all the facts on the table.  National Parks here are up to their neck in the lies and the absolute denial of cultural connections.

What are the stories about?

Story #1 - Two Egyptian Princes traveled here to to this land to receive wisdom from the Spiritual Elders.

Story #2 - The other is a far older story that links humanity to the stars. 

The Australian Government are going along with the "its fake story" to protect the false history - this is the official government line on how this is viewed and it is nothing shy of scandalous.

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Videos available Parts One Two and Three.  I have only included Part One here.

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