Monday, August 31, 2015

The Sacredness of the Number 72

The number 72 has long been known since antiquity to be a sacred and special number.  72 hours is 3 days.  Three figures just as importantly.  The Triads break down the powerful name of God into its more accessible parts or archetypes.

The number 72  breaks down to a nine.  Oh dear once again another very special number because 9 x 8 is once again 72.   Peruse over the following videos to learn about this Holy and Awesome 72-Part Name of God.

The 72-part name is derived from Exodus 14:19-21. It consists of 72 three-letter "words," which are made by the following formula:
Word one is the first letter of verse 19, the last letter of verse 20, and the first letter 21. Word two takes the second letter of 19, the second-to-last of 20, and the second of 21. Repeat 70 more times. 
Legend has it that Moses used this formula to part the Red Sea; it is certainly very old and is mentioned in the medieval magical compendium the Sefer Raziel.

This is one of the most powerful Names a Kabbalist might use.

Legend has it that to say this name in a state of impurity or uncleanliness will strike the speaker immediately dead!

Probably due to its complexity and inherent danger, this Name was divided up into parts (that is, shorter series of triads), and these parts could in turn be used or specific purposes.

The exact uses and how exactly the Name was to be divided up varied somewhat among Kabbalists.

What led me to do a blog post on the number 72 besides it being such a sacred number is the news that a 72 seat redevelopment project at a protected place at Watson's Bay in Sydney.
Read More Here  from ABC NEWS

IMG 0272 Water craft on Sydney Harbour 

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