Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Incredible Twitter handle @AbbottLovesAnal

One has to have a great Twitter handle, mine is Mrs Bricee.  I have had Twitter for awhile now, about five years and I thought it was great back then. But this twitter handle has been manufactured for this show and this show only. 

I felt it was a vain attempt to kick a goal against the pig headed prime minister who would be better served tied to a bully ants nest than tied to our parliament.  He is an embarrassment to say the least. 

I, unlike most other Australian's have worked out the Catholic angle here being thrust on us by a bunch of loose goose Jesuits in suits acting like politicians bum holes. 

Their game is up as far as I am concerned.  In the mean time I have to suffer their 'mean' time which they have created for everyone in Australia with so much garbage politics it beggars belief they still stand.

But this twitter handle took the cake.   Of all the funniest ones that could be chosen this is the most appropriate for an episode of the ABC's Q & A.   The handle @AbbottLovesAnal went across the bottom of the screen and Australia just rocked in their seats with laughter. 

  Of course now the show is in hot water again.  But who at the ABC would have known this was going to happen.  I say this very tongue in cheek.  Who indeed?    Well it is a possibility that it was planned this way.  It would not be the first time media has copped it by those who are smarter than the said media.

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