Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dubbo blown out by the Mother....

Storms were evident right across New South Wales yesterday.  We had storms here and there were storms at the coast and in Sydney and Kiama is on evacuation alert.  But what was a surprise was the Tornado that formed near Dubbo and left a trail of destruction in its wake damaging up to 12 properties in the area.  My niece was without power for 17 hours and they had no telephone either.  There is no mobile service to her property.  What would happen if something happened - how would we know.  I will have to mention a radio.

Please go here to Ch Nine and watch a thirty second video of this weather event.

Channel Nine News

There are pictures of the tornado forming over Dubbo.

 This afternoon this photo was taken and sent to Newcastle fishing trawlers to warn them of an incoming storm 20 mins after this shot was taken the storm hit trawlers the photo was taken by Newcastle fisheries observers such an incredible shot I was sent this via the captain of the trawler via a text msg at 3.30pm

IMG 3554 Funnel Cloud

I saw a funnel cloud outside my back door earlier this year and I was a little concerned but it blew out on the ocean, which was also out my back door.

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