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The Frack Attack across the Planet.

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The United Kingdom, just like the USA and Australia are now facing the same situation with the "Frack Attack.  The people of the United Kingdom like us here in Australia, are concerned for their countries underground water supplies and the prospect of Fracking damaging these precious water reserves.

In Australia it is clear that aquifers have been pierced and damage has occurred in some places already.  The only reprimand to these corporations is a tiny fine.  A fine - a fine of money.   Seriously, do these governments think we believe that type of reprimand will stop anything?  The answer is a clear No.  It is occurring still as a fine is a false reprimand. The drilling corporations ie Halliburton are absolutely aware of what they are doing and they have prepared ahead of time the statements to the press regarding any flack on the frack. 

The governments and the corporations are laughing at us while we all run around like headless chooks doing everything that is humanly possible to stop this.

Dr Ingraffia is a leading spokes person against fracking, he was in the industry for over 20 years and now speaks out about the dangers this is posing to all water reserves on the planet.  Below is a breakdown of what is likely to be the outcome in the United Kingdom if they continue at the rate they are.


.243,610 sq km = land area of UK
60% to be fracked = 146166 sq km
one well every 30 hectares (Ingraffea et al)
100 hectares = 1 sq km
Hence the area intended to be fracked is = 14616600 hectares
@ 1 well per 30 hectares = 487220 wells intended to be drilled
@ 10% failure rate after 1 year = 48722 (say 40,000) wells will be leaking into the UK aquifers after ONE YEAR
@ 60% failure rate after 20 years = 292330 (say 250,000) Will be leaking oil and or gas into the UK Aquifers.


Groundwater makes up nearly 70% of all the world’s freshwater; only 0.2% is found in lakes, streams or rivers and 30% is bound up in snow and ice on mountains and in the polar regions. As rivers and lakes tend to be supported by groundwater, it is not exaggerating to say that almost all the water we use for agriculture, industry and drinking water is either groundwater or has been groundwater at some point in the water cycle.

Groundwater plays a number of very important roles in our environment and in our economies. In the environment it supports rivers, lakes and wetlands, especially through drier months when there is little direct input from rainfall. The flow of groundwater into rivers as seepage through the river bed, known as base-flow, can be essential to the health of wildlife and plants that live in the water.

These mining corporations police themselves and these studies are flawed with flawed science from flawed scientists who are up to their necks in this.  These scientific reports are well known to be written with a company spin.  It all sounds so good.  Too good and that was the first hint there was corruption behind the reports.

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Read the Gloucester Shire Council's report on the Toxic PRODUCED Water.  Produced Water is water that has been used in the drilling process and what they plan to do with this water.   READ HERE
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