Saturday, July 18, 2015

It Snowed in Deepwater and this Cold is Snapping Everyone!

Starting last weekend the temperatures dropped dramatically as an Arctic Vortex settled over most of New South Wales.   Of course its cold, it is Winter but these temperature drops were drastic.

Last night when we went to bed there was a definite chill in the air and I awoke to a complete white blanket of snow over everything.  It was still snowing when I went out to photograph this momentous event.  The locals say it hasn't snowed here for 60years.  My neighbour was out but really we were the only ones up seeing this auspiciousness take place.

The snow was heavy in those places that got snow last week and the highways were closed again because of so much snow on the roads.

 It started snowing in Queensland out near Toowoomba and this was forecast for last week and they were shivering. This time it really snowed.  It was forecast to snow in Stanthorpe last week  and that did lots for the local tourism but there was no snow in town but today it was over everything and it was a deep blanket.  There was also a lot of good snow at Eukey nearby to Stanthorpe and near Tenterfield at Mt Mt McKenzie.  These places are just over the border from Stanthorpe in Southern Queensland.

It snowed at Bolivia Hill where Brice and I went snow chasing but it wasn't white on the ground but it was floating in the air and I tried desperately to photograph this.  This time I got to photograph the snow on my boot with ease.  The flakes were so big.

We are up very high above sea level here, 974m above sea level and it snowed all over.  It was literally freezing temperatures all over.  The coastal areas are feeling the drops in temperatures as well.

This image below was snapped down the road from here at Guyra.  The link is under the pic to go and look at heaps more great images of last weeks and this weeks snow dumping up here on the New England.

Above the New England's Image

Images @ Eminpee Fotography- Bolivia

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