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Proton Gradients at the Origin of Life

IMG 3034 Sungazer

We are beings of light governed by gravity and magnetism.  Because our mitochondria respond to light from the sun and our DNA or our deoxyribonucleic acids... are acid.  
Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.  This is one of the principals of natural law (Kybalion).  It is the Law of Vibration, the third Law.  Science  calls this phenomena  Thermodynamics.

But science does not understand consciousness and how it came about.  This has happened six times before.  I like those numbers, 6 times because the next time will be 7.   It is Orion that beams our consciousness down onto us via the suns magnetic forces and light.

Brian Cox said amazing things on his show talking about how energy never disappears and how this is a paradox.  The falling of the waterfall which is the marriage of positive and negative ions which cause life to spark is something the Hermeticists have known since ancient times.  

Our connection that told us this and enabled us to make better use of this energy personally has been bred out of us via society pressure brought on this time in our lifetime by the roman church, IE the Catholic Church.

Our balance to remain on Earth a little longer than is destined while we continue on so blindly would be ascertained by understanding the Earth and its people are one and the same and if the Earth is sick then the people are sick and if the people are sick then the Earth is also sick as they are one and the same..   They are alive both because of the same conscious energy that flows through both man and the universe as one. 

Our DNA are governed by light.  The light works to effect DNA to create life.  This gives credence to genetic memory holding knowledge from the beginning of time.  Sungazing actually changed my DNA inside of my body. I am nearly sure of this.   I will stand by this too, as I have had to utmost of great health in  my body. No influenza or sicknesses of any kind have bothered me for such a long time now.  My DNA is coded to health straight from the Sunshine.  But this is something the ancient people also knew.

Back to Brian Cox, his show is fantastic on this and you should watch it on IView if you can. I was gooing and garhing all over the place.   Read Book

Wonders of Life - How life Began

BBC iplayer explains that:-
'In this episode Brian Cox visits South East Asia's 'Ring of Fire'. In the world's most volcanic region he explores the thin line that separates the living from the dead and poses that most enduring of questions: what is life? The traditional answer is one that invokes the supernatural, as seen at the annual Day of the Dead celebrations in the Philippine highlands. Brian sets out to offer an alternative answer: one bound up in the flow of energy through the universe.
On the edge of Taal Volcano lake, Brian demonstrates how the first spark of life may have arisen. Here, heat energy from the inner Earth forces its way to the surface and changes its chemistry, just as it did in our planet's infancy. It is now believed that these chemical changes set up a source of energy from which life first emerged. 
Today, virtually all derives its energy from the Sun. But there's a paradox to this as according to the laws of physics energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So life doesn't 'use' energy up. It can't remove it from the universe. So how does energy enable living things to live? 
Brian reveals life to be a conduit through which energy in the universe passes, just one part in a process that governs the lifecycle of the entire Universe. By diverting energy in the cosmos living things are able to grow and thrive. 
But whilst the flow of energy can explain living things, it can't explain how life has endured for more than three billion years. So Brian meets an animal in the Borneo rainforest that holds the key to how life persists - the orangutan. Ninety seven per cent of our DNA is shared with orangutans. That shared heritage reveals a profound conclusion: that DNA is a record of the evolution of life on Earth, one that connects us to everything alive today and that has ever lived. 
So life isn't really a thing. It's a chemical process, a way of tapping into the energy flowing through the Universe and transmitting it from generation to generation through the elegant chemistry of DNA. Far from demanding a mystical explanation, the emergence of life might be an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics.
19'55": Acidic solutions have more H+ ions than OH- ions
At 18', Brian Cox explains that the water on the edge of Taal Volcano lake is acidic. Heat energy from the inner Earth forces its way to the surface, dissolving some rocks to form SO2 which dissolves in H2O to forms acidic sulphuric acid H2S04. The energy of the volcano has been stored as chemical potential energy in the form of protons, in the lake.
Brian demonstrates how the first spark of life may have arisen. It is now believed that these chemical changes set up a source of energy from which life first emerged. The protons can be thought of as a natural geological waterfall. In the case of the volcanic lake the protons, if connected to the alkaline lake, might create a type of battery to do work, to form life.
26': Mitochondria are microscopic batteries that powers life
Alkaline hydrothermal vents at Lost City in the Atlantic Ocean, formed by the nonvolcanic process of serpentinization, in which seawater reacts with minerals derived from the upper mantle, such as olivine. Similarly porous vents, circulating reactive fluids through catalytic cells, would have made ideal electrochemical reactors, incubating the origin of life. (ref: 1)

Between Bermuda and the Canaries, the 'Lost City' in the Atlantic Ocean comprises 50 metre towers of alkaline rocks (23') of hydrothermal vents. Four billion years ago the sea water would have been mildly acidic and the vents would have had a deficit of protons, conditions just right for a proton gradient; the waterfall of life. The vents don't just provide an energy source, they are also rich in the materials needed for 
life: hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide and minerals containing Iron, Nickel and Sulphur. The vents had a microporous environment where the organic molecules of life could have concentrated. 
Mitochondria are the sites of ATP synthesis in eukaryotes. The massive surface area provided by mitochondrial membrane enabling a 10,000 to 100,000-fold increase in the total area of internalized bioenergetic membrane. (ref: 1) 

Living things still get their energy using proton gradients today (26') using Mitochondria organelles which are microscopic batteries that power the processes of life. The spark of life is proton gradients.
Why chemiosmosis solves the problem: If a reaction doesn't release enough energy to generate 1 ATP, it can be repeated endlessly until it has pumped enough protons to generate 1 ATP. Chemiosmosis allows cells to save loose change, so to speak. (ref: 1) 

See Abiogenesis: How Life Began. The Origins and Search for Life, Figure 3 in Further Reading


(1) Lane, N. (2010) Why Are Cells Powered by Proton Gradients? Nature Education 3(9):18

Further Reading

Abiogenesis: How Life Began. The Origins and Search for Life [Kindle Edition]
Edward Trifonov (Author), Nick Lane (Author), Stephen Freeland (Author), Michael Russell (Author). Publisher: Cosmology Science Publishers; 1st edition (3 Aug 2011).

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