Thursday, July 09, 2015

ISS and Jupiter and Venus together last night.


They were saying Sydney was in the box seat to see this event but in fact I think that Deepwater NSW was also heavily in the box seat to also see this event.  It came over cloudy and we missed the entire thing.

I had set the alarm on my phone so the time didn't slip by because it was around dinner time which is a busy time of evening for us with animals and dinner.

Excitedly all day long we hoped for no clouds as we were eager to witness ISS passing by.  We obviously didn't wish hard enough.

The International Space Station passed so close to Venus and Jupiter in the north-western sky, as it is viewed from down here on planet Earth but no matter how much I willed to see it, those clouds kept coming.

At 5:31pm AEST, the International Space Station, which resembles a bright, moving star, would have appeared low in the north-western horizon. It would have passed by Jupiter first and then journeyed past Venus at 5:34pm.

I have learned that the space station takes just seven minutes to cross from one horizon to the other.

I still got to stand and watch a terrific sunset like you would not believe. It was cold but it was more than beautiful even with those clouds moving in.  They are what made it pretty.

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