Monday, July 13, 2015

Centrelink Income Management is coming to a town near you.

It could already be in your town or just around the corner.   Income Managments Healthy Welfare Card is the Twiggy Forrest brainchild of impending doom.  It is a further sign we are being over governed and civil rights are being stripped from people at an alarming rate. 

A cashless welfare card trial, similar the the Basics card which was trialled in some sub
The Card

Income management is another nail in the coffin of civil liberties.  This government has taken an axe to the most under privileged in the community by cutting services and demanding they shop at the big 2 supermarkets.  No alcohol is alright but the mere fact there a zero cash component is a huge worry. 

This system is absolutely fraught with issues.  I am sure there will be a case mounted with the United Nations about this because it really stops peoples freedom to make their own mistakes to learn from them.  New South Wales is most definitely a nanny state now along with South Australia and Western Australia.  The Northern Territory is also facing worse problems being a federal enclave where federal law stands.  Those people up there don't stand a chance.

The card has already been introduced into some communities across Australia with it set to be rolled out to all Centrelink recipients especially Newstart and Family Tax Benefit Part A and B.  It appears at this point that pensions are going to be left alone.

There are many ways people could circumvent this process with a well organized system utilizing the working people in their very own community.  At least this way both parties get their needs met.  I am sure there are people planning how to circumvent this system as I type here.  The government has completely lost its marbles with this.

IMG 0847 Club Urunga
No going to a club ... zero social life.
 From Single
Recently Alan Tudge said on radio that responsible parents will also be income managed, along with people who have drinking, drug or gambling problems within the trial sites.
Tudge described the new card as a Visa debit card that can be used "on anything, anywhere except alcohol or gambling." And very limited cash withdrawals.
PG 93 Grocery Store
Forced to shop at the Big Supermarkets.
I know there are so many ways around this so why do they bother in the first place.  That was a rhetorical question, because the reason they bother is the end goal is control.  I call the workers the free range slaves and the paddock is getting smaller by the day.

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