Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Nannas are on a Terrorist Alert ..

Well not quite, but it appears there are some cheeky haters out there willing to go to the trouble of posting threatening letters to some of the dye hard Knitting Nanna's from the Lismore region.

IMG 3396 Casino Metgasco Office
KNAGS at Casino

The Knitting Nanna's or as they are affectionately known as 'KNAGS'... the knitting Nannas against Gas are woman who knit as a protest measure against the unscrupulous gas industry in Australia.  Their methods are totally peaceful and non violent.

People still have the right of protest.  It is the letter writer who is well out of line along with the Gas industry.  These women are standing up for all of our grand children and for the future of water in this already arid country.

There have been three letters so far with the first arriving last Tuesday the 7th July.  Another on Wednesday and a third on Thursday.

IMG 5883 Downstream Knag Sign
Knitting while at Canberra

The letter I saw in the media was poorly spelled and was simply dreadful in its language content.  The details of the letter are as follows:
 “Smame  shame you knitting nanna fat slut go and do something decent”
The ladies were shocked to receive such offensive mail but are not letting this sort of immaturity dampen their enthusiasm to keep on knitting / protesting Coal Seam Gas when and where ever it is required.

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