Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Woolworths waltzed through the Mullumbimby Green Gate!

nO.3 C 184.1  Macksville SupermarketGreen politics threw all the devils out with the bathwater in Mullumbimby when it failed to recognize the basic needs of its own community.

Mullumbimby can be added to the list  of places that have worn the fate of Green Politics causing more problems than its worth. Did those organising this protest action for residents do their research or were they  part of the problem?  Did they act incognito for Woolworth's knowing the psychology of the area and  if so they were never really part of the solution if that was ever the case.

An old saying comes to mind:  "Better the Devil you know than the Devil you Don't",  and this is a clear case of such a Devil. 

The big devil Supermarket giants putting a large footprint  down in idyllic places like Mullumbimby is something none of us like for the all obvious reasons.   Here is a case where they acted like predators sitting in the shadows waiting to slip in the back door while the dust was still rising from the towns actions to stop the Mallam Family Enterprise.  This happens via sloppy politics and palm greasing, I have no doubts about that.    People can be bought and sold today like it is still the Great South slave trade.

  • Which Greens Member organised this action to stop the long time local Mallam family building a bigger more modern and sufficient Grocery store?  
  • Who was paid by Woolworth's to pull off this brainless action against one of their own residents and local business people?
Those are two viable questions that people should be asking despite the fact the horse has already bolted.  It is clear such a nonsensical action as this can be learned from for future benefit.

I am finding that people are sheep and they are becoming more docile daily.  It was a herd of sheep who blindly followed the leader against this families supermarket plans.   The Mallam's point was missed completely.  The Mullumbimby residents  are now paying dearly for that blind behaviour.  

Now, as a result of this, Mullumbimby has  fallen foul to the biggest devil of them all,  aka Woolworth's!  If they couldn't see this coming at them I think they need to take their hands out of the mull bowl and start waking up to the dirty politics that is our reality. 

Stop hugging useless unicorns.  When things are unbalanced - The wheels just fall off don't they!

Well I guess the wheels fell off this action and the said wheels were mangled beyond recognition.  What a cock-up! 

I have great empathy with families like the Mallam Family.  These situations occur in towns because of small minded behaviour.  A failure to see the actual needs of the town versus a person or person's own selfish ideologies can be a dangerous thing.  

Whole communities are at risk when they choose to follow the leader with out doing their homework.

How Woolworths overcame local opposition and set up a supermarket near Mullumbimby.

nO.3 C 184.1  Macksville Supermarket

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