Monday, June 15, 2015

MP Kevin Anderson speaks out on CSG at Hunter Nationals Conference!

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The political machine was working over time after the Nationals Conference on the weekend in the Hunter Valley.   The member for Tamworth, Mr Kevin Anderson has voiced his opinion on the matter in the media. He is clearly against the party line and the push by his own party to end the CSG issue in the Northern Rivers area. 

Anderson said he wants a state wide policy adoption and he wants it streamlined.  Of course he does.

He needs the Knitting Nana's help!  He needs better understanding about this issue on a deeper level.  He wants to be a hero in the party for his area of Tamworth, but farmers will not be happy if he does not address this topical issue.  

How does he stand on this issue?  People need to know whether or not he wants this type of mining  banned outright or whether he is backing the large mining corporations who seemingly run politics in Australia. 

IMG 7883It has been this way since year dot. But now its in your face and it is more than sickening.  Its also frustrating to sit back as a constituent and watch it unfold.

If I was a real knitting Nana I would go to Tamworth but I think the issue here with me doing that is squarely placed with the fact I am not going to ever relent and say that the political system is capable of fixing what the issue is here. 

Further to this, others find my attitude odd.  I see lies and corruption and greed and I cannot get past this attitude surrounding Australian economics.

I can't relent on the politics issue because it's just not what I believe to be true anymore.  I wouldn't be being true to myself if I was to go along with what I feel is a  brain dead idea (politics and law can fix the countries issues and fix the destruction from mining) that is going backwards. I know a new paradigm is needed.

Politicians can be nice people, I know this to be fact.  I count one as a dear personal friend.  But I also feel if political policies end up  hurting others who are vulnerable then that alone is key to understanding the party and what sort of person the politician is who instigates such policy. 

From observation I see approximately 90 percent of those involved in politics  are narcissistic in their personality type.   This is clearly evident, they cherry pick issues.   Political points scoring and gaining success appear more important for their political careers.   Ask a politician to take a pay cut..  then see the true monster show its face.

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