Thursday, May 28, 2015

Solastalgia Workshop in Bulga..


Such a strong contingent of support from the loop of The Gloucester Knitting Nannas .... They visited Bulga for the Solastalgia Art Workshops run by Jessica Harwood at the Bulga Recreation Ground.

Nannas doing the Solastagia workshop at Bulga

Solastalgia is a phenomenon recognised and identified, by Professor Glenn Albrecht, as a form of homesickness you have when you haven’t left home. It can arise from a variety of causes such as technology, ecological change, economic change, political decisions and changes to the community. People become 'disturbed' by solastalgia but because it is not sudden and traumatic, a 'problem' is not always recognised or treated.

There was a touring exhibition project back in 2013 that looked at the causes and effects of solastalgia.   They were identifying the  potential for  contemporary visual art, craft and design practices  to contribute to debate and healing.

Artists from across Australia were asked to consult and work with communities suffering from solastalgia to create works specifically for the exhibition.

A gallery project curated by Robyn Daw and toured by Museums and Galleries NSW with support from the Contemporary Touring Initiative.

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Images via #Nanna Kathy

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