Friday, May 29, 2015

Leo thanks Brian Monk of Tara.

No one should stand for this. We need to understand facts have been twisted regarding how we stand up against these powerful corps and the security firms both public [police] and private. 

  To use force against those that violate us is not equal and reciprocal violence.  We have every right as a sovereign being on this planet to protect our person if violence is perpetrated against us and to use equal and reciprocal force.  NVDA is a con.  (in my opinion as it lacks this sacred masculine of Action)  From my observations this has kept a lot of people from protesting because what is the point of getting a record and a huge fine for nothing. 

 Daylesford Chillout 2009 047_copy
 Thank you Brian Monk.

When I wrote and recorded this, I thought we might shake up peoples awareness about the value of this great nation to a point where they'd rise up and march on Canberra and bring this stupidity to an end.

I got shouted at and chased down the street by a team of CSG workers on vacation in Sydney, trolled and lied to by pro Fracking idiots in the comments on YouTube, and slapped on the back by those who appreciated it.

It was good to see the fuss created. But now we are at a standstill.

No matter what we say or do, these fuckers in government and oil and gas companies seem even more determined to 'win' their evil point than ever.

I salute the stand that guys like you and John Jenkyn are taking, but I'm not proud that so many of my fellow Australians are letting you down. I call on everyone reading this to raise their game, 'til we stop this evil forever.  from Leo Sayer.....

Leo has done a lot for us to get the word out but like all of us he is also miffed at the audacity of the government for turning its back on the people of the country and creating a second genocidal event with the indigenous for their sacred lands for mining as well as defending big banks crippling farmers and handing over this arable farming land to overseas interests in mining.

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