Thursday, April 16, 2015

'WATER not CSG' truck comes to our area.

What a site to see Ian's auspicious truck come down my street.  The red horse truck is now rather infamous and gets horns blown at it every where she travels.

It was spotted photographed in the Sydney papers last week.   It was seen at the Gloucester / AGL frontline against fracking at Gloucester.  Now, its been seen in Urunga and in Bellingen and along the New England Highway up the mountain towards Tenterfield spreading the message where ever it goes.

FB IMG 410 Water Not Csg

It was supposed to be all of the potted plants, but there were too many.  What went today in the truck was all that could fit.  There are some plants still here that we will endeavor to have fit in with the removal's truck next week.  

I think the boys did well though, they got the majority of the shed contents transported including a wooden table that weighs a ton and the outdoor table that is also weighty.  We used these tables upside down to support the pot plants from swimming around the back

I was chuffed to hear though the grapevine from Ian's partner that other people saw the truck head through Bellingen to Dorrigo.  I felt very proud of them carrying my plants inside of a container that had written on it that we were all about protecting not damaging. 

I would assume this is a good thing really in the big picture. Stating clearly what one is about and the philosophies one follows for life and learning is a way of stating who you are to a degree.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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