Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Aussie 'Voting System' has become a disastrous joke.

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The Australian voting system is how the elections of the various state governments as well as the federal government are put into power. The commission office was once held in high regard, now its a shell of its former self.  The Electoral Commission oversees the counting of the votes and the rolls that place people for voting day.

Government employees at the AEC are being held accountable for the really loose work ethic around transporting the votes to the counting house.  Recently in 2013 the system showed its flaws with nearly 2ooo votes missing triggering a re-election.

Missing Senate ballot boxes may have fallen off a truck, committee finds.
Story written by Gian De Poloni    READ MORE

Photo: The pallets were stored next to empty boxes which looked like rubbish. 
The nearly 1,400 Senate ballot slips that disappeared in Western Australia during the last federal election may have literally fallen off the back of a truck, says a federal parliamentary committee.
The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters lambasted the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in its final report into the 2013 federal election, describing the incident as "disastrous".
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