Friday, April 10, 2015

"Flip it or Reverse it"

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Macksville Woolworths NSW
 Supermarket Action that has a lot of merit I think.

I opened up Facebook to find this poor woman despairing over Australian Smoked Oysters or the lack of these on shelves in the big Supermarkets.   It appears this woman's only option to purchase any oysters at all was to participate in the scandalous risky behaviour of buying product imported from China. 

As shoppers we are all fairly vigilant with this now.  The recent crisis with Hepatitis B spread from frozen berries imported from China has highlighted the facts that can no longer be ignored. Following in quick succession were the stories of the Melons tasting of metal or chemical and the possibility that food grown here in Australia is at serious risk of contamination also.   Read on to hear what one lady proposes to help highlight this in supermarkets not stocking Australian product when Australian product is clearly available.

That's it!!! I've had enough!! I am officially starting a movement against the multinational, mutilating, conglomerate arseholes known as Coles and Woolworths.

I have finally been spurred to action by my love of smoked oysters. I can now only get them made in china - no other option. And that sucks balls. So it's time to god damn FLIP IT AND REVERSE IT!

If u see it on the shelf and it isn't from here and could be - turn that label! I implore u to join me in this harmless, super annoying protest!! It will in turn send the message that we won't buy and will also employ more staff to turn that shit back around (coz they sure ain't employing them at the checkout - self service, fuck you!) 
Image Source : Facebook  Kristy Joy Mcilvenna
Imagine what we could do together bwah ha ha ha ahhh ha ha hhaaa ha haaaa!
So flip it and reverse it people and let's start helping local producers to produce me some Aus smoked tinned oysters!
Signed Kristy Joy Mcilvenna

So there you have it folks, this is a simple no mess way of showing your absolute disdain for what has happened to food in the big supermarket corporations (ie) Cole's and Woolworth's, others too. 

I will surely participate if I find myself in the supermarket and this happens.    So hug of the week goes to this lady for being pro active about what upsets her.  It is only the beginning.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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