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The Ages, are cycles within still other cycles and mankind would do well to note this.


Mankind exists in cycles that are larger than just the Solar Return cycle of the annual year... there is also a larger cycle the annual Solar Year is part of and that is called the Great Year. The Great Year is connected to the precessional cycle and happens over approx 26,000 years. So just as we experience a Summer and Winter on a smaller scale connected to the Solar Year, we experience this in the Galactic macrocosm too connected to the Light of Orion.

So the difference between the larger cycle of Summer and Winter on the Galactic macrocosm is the LIGHT which is waxing and waning is the Light of Orion our Creator. When the Galactic Summer returns once again so does the Light within Mankind and the presence of our Divine Creator is experienced through the Illumination of Divine Man and Woman, this is what we are beginning to experience now as we move into this new part of the cycle and the element of Aether is returning and with it the Christ Light.

IMG 6158 Eclipse 14th November 2012  Sun and Moon

When we descend into the Winter of the Great Year this is known as the Iron Age and Mankind experiences complete corruption across our planet due to losing access to the Christ Light and descending in consciousness thus forgetting who we are. In these times of lower consciousness the Universe is sorting the wheat from the chaff testing Souls to see who can be moved from their path and turn on Creation and their Creator. For each Soul has free will to choose to move into their lower base nature and become a partaker in the destruction of Creation even if it is through ignorance.

However when the Light returns so does the presence of our Creator who is known through his children the Divine Race of 144 Tribes.... these are the Gods and Goddesses of all our mythologies.
When the Creator returns his children to their rightful places and they restore their Kingdoms to their natural state of peace and harmony those who have stood in Truth and never turned their back on Him or his Creation will experience the rewards of a New Dawn on this Earth

From the Gospel of Philip “Those who sow in winter reap in summer. The winter is the world, the summer the other Aeon (eternal realm). Let us sow in the world that we may reap in the summer. Because of this, it is fitting for us not to pray in the winter. Summer follows winter. But if any man reap in winter he will not actually reap but only pluck out, since it will not provide a harvest for such a person”

...and this is from W.L. Wilmshurst (The Meaning of Masonry)
“The tradition is also universal of the collective soul of the human race having sustained a “fall,” a moral declension from its true path of life and evolution, which has severed it almost entirely from its creative source, and which, as the ages advanced, has involved its sinking more and more deeply into physical conditions”
Unfortunately Mankind are still in their slumber many are stirring but few have sought out a path back to themselves and this is what it takes to reclaim our crowns....we must prove ourselves worthy of it and in these times when it is the hardest to do as such is when our worthiness is being tested.

Source: Thyalwaysseek

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