Monday, March 30, 2015

Radiation Dump from our star, Earthquakes arrive!

Population map close upThis one arrived close by too, just off the coast of Papua New Guinea adjacent to Latangai Island and the New Ireland Province.  A large and powerful 7:6 Earthquake arrived at 10:89

A picture released by the US National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
shows a shakemap of the region
(white cross) in Papua New Guinea
(PNG) where the earthquake occurred .
Photograph: NOAA/EPA
Interactive map: Open
Earthquake Magnitude 7.2M, Depth:10kmon 29/03/2015 23:48 UTC 232322 people within 100km

 Tsunami: The maximum Tsunami wave height is  0.5m in  

Kaubademki, Papua New Guinea. This height is estimated for 30-Mar-2015 00:25:38

FatalTsunamis NGDC ITIC Sep2014 thumbnail

 Various hazard maps can be downloaded like this one above in PDF format from HERE


IMG 9200 Ocean off Urunga  

A normal day at the beach can look like this one minute and next minute the water starts disappearing into the ocean and appears like its not coming back.  It is coming back and when it does it brings the full force of the oceans power with it. 

When this happens there is GDACS  who are Global Disaster Alert and CoOrdinaton Service: They provide a range of services.... GDACS provides alerts and impact estimations after major disasters through a multi-hazard disaster impact assessment service managed by the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

To this end, JRC establishes scientific partnerships with global hazard monitoring organisations. Flood disasters are provided by the Dartmouth Flood Observatory. Relevant data is integrated automatically into GDACS alerts and impact estimations. 

GDACS develops standards and guidelines for international information exchange in disasters. 
GDACS provides the real-time coordination platform “VirtualOSOCC” ( to disaster managers worldwide.

Source: Volcán Popocatépetl

Due to the radiation dump from the Sun in the week leading up to this earthquake there are volcanic eruptions as well.  The Colima Volcano in Mexico is going off at the moment.
This type of event is called a prominence eruption.  It occurs in the extended, hot outer atmosphere of the sun, called the corona.  The material that appears to glow red is plasma, a mix of electrically charged hydrogen and helium.  Geeked on Goddard
I believe that events like this huge coronal mass ejection trigger events here on Earth with volcanology.  Volcanoes and Earthquakes and strange weather that has extremes seems to resonate to these bursts from the sun.  The extremes this pushes weather to could be the best way to reach the mid point again and reconcile the energy.  These rhythms are happening faster and faster now as the light changes from space faster and faster each day.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography Ocean

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