Saturday, March 14, 2015

SANTOS is not welcome at all on GOMEROI LAND!

North West Alliance

Uniting in friendship to save precious farming and cultural lands there will be a free Barbeque cooked by Uncle Mick Horn (Red Chief Warrior) and a gigantic "human sign" photograph to be taken as well to highlight the seriousness of the issues at hand here with Coal Seam Gas and farmland and Water.

If you need more information contact  Megan Kuhn on 0427 476232.   Big numbers are required for this project so get along to Donnelly Playing Fields on the Namoi River Flats  on Maitland Street Gunnedah NSW Today!!

IMG 7164.s6 Santos we are full of it!
SANTOS is an irresponsible company killing country.

There will be no place for such greed orientated outfits in the new paradigm ahead of us all for the future of this country we walk on.   No room for politicians and corporations who hold hands while lying to the faces of the ordinary people who continually say they have no social license to continue.
Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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