Friday, March 13, 2015

So Many Cyclones they're Multiplying!

Olywyn ... Nathan .. Pam!     Mathematically speaking its adding up to be a devastating time on the Island of Vanuatu in the Pacific east of Queensland.  Cyclone Pam is circling for the impact.

IMG 8881  Mad Clouds with a white heart cloud
Red Sky in the Morning - Sailors Warning!
Australian coastlines are set to take a pounding again as cyclones close in on three sides while others keep watch further out to sea working out whether to make land fall or not. 

Weather is nuts at the moment.  No wonder it is though.  The Sun just let go of some might filled zingy  M Class Flares during this last week and we all know this means a serious Earth Weather event / volcanic or earthquake type event is on route.  I am on Earthquake watch as I write this.

Read More  with Aussie Cyclone Chasers reports on the Cyclonic conditions battling to make their way felt in Australia at the moment as the weekend approaches.

Cyclone Olwyn is battering the West Australian Coastline and looks like making land around Exmouth WA and Barrow Island.  People are battening down the best they can.  There appears to be a weather station off line in that area also which may be due to the cyclonic conditions.

Olywins Eye clearly visible.
Vanuatu is looking like an island in trouble with a Category 5  Cyclone "Pam" looking fierce. It is inevitable the damage toll will be high. 

If that isn't enough there could be further instances of trouble occurring  with Cyclone Nathan sitting off Cooktown Far North Queensland looking a lot like its going track back and head back across to Vanuatu to help Pam with her weather walloping.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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