Friday, February 06, 2015


Today at WARDS RIVER...  AGL are running one of their infamous information (spin) sessions at 3PM till 7PM. 

This is Gloucester NSW's hellish nightmare starting all over again a few kilometers away from the Tiedimans Land Frack at Gloucester / Forbesdale down at Wards River now.

IMG 2730 Gloucester Chill Out Festival

here is already serious damage to the area from before with this and there are many sacred areas there that should not be disturbed.
AGL's CONTACTS are here:  feel free to contact them and tell them how you feel about what they are doing. Write letters about this new attack on Wards River not far from Gloucester and demand answers to the questions you have.

Wards River  Spin Sessions.
AGL Gloucester Gas Project
January 2015
Meet our goon squad, give your feedback, so we can do the exact opposite, and learn more about how we lie about the Gloucester Gas Project.
To find out more about the spin session, our proposed plans to contaminate the groundwater, or the Gloucester Gas Projects plans to poison small animals, please contact our dedicated Community Mutilations Manager.

Karyn Looby, on 0265582692 or or visit for more information.

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