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HALLIBURTON BTEX in flowback water at Gloucester NSW.

US Army or Halliburton..?
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AGL (Australian Gas Light)  advised the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) that ground and surface water monitoring data from the Gloucester Gas Project logged during November shows detected traces of a chemical used in the fracking process. 

This is a BTEX Chemical cocktail.  Halliburton patent this chemical cocktail of environmental death and destruction.  Halliburton did the Frack at Gloucester NSW.  The workers were ferried in  buses under police guard.

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Halliburton along with BP  also caused one of the biggest Gas disaster in the planets living history to date and were involved in the Marcellus Shale Gas rush in Pennsylvania.  They changed the towns they went into from quiet idyllic places to absolute bedlam.  People  were reported to have said if the trucks were painted green you would think you were being invaded.

Death threats were rife against people who refused access.  In one town a the Ecologist reports:
In 2010 alone, it was reported that more than a dozen children around the small town of Towanda had been put into foster care, their families turfed out of low-rent accommodation by unscrupulous landlords to make way for gas-industry employees who are able to offer higher rents. 'The feel of the place has just changed,' remarked Tom and Amy, a couple from Towanda, lifelong local residents who have recently put their house on the market and are looking to move away. 'Greed is ugly and greed is rampant in Bradford county today.'
Things changed dramatically for the fracking industry when the so called loophole was born in politics in the USA.
Halliburton loophole

Fracking involves the use of huge volumes of water and a potent cocktail of chemical ingredients that are pumped underground to assist with the process.

What isn't known, however, is exactly which chemical combinations are actually being used, a confidentiality that is enshrined in national law.

Referred to affectionately as the Halliburton loophole, in 2005 the Bush administration effectively exempted the gas industry from a number of federal acts that would have enabled critics to clamp down, regulate and scrutinise the gas industry; and specifically, understand the precise nature of the chemicals being used in fracking processes.

It is a situation that exasperates healthcare professionals and local citizens alike.
Am I comfortable with an industry that won't disclose and tell me, as an American citizen, what they're putting underneath my feet? asks John Lykens, an engineer from Bradford county. Absolutely not. They're exempt from the Superfund Act, the Safe Drinking Act, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act... environmental acts that were put down to protect everyday citizens.’
Fracking fluid shows up in water monitoring | Gloucester Advocate

I am beginning to feel that because Halliburton are so entrenched in the Fracking process at Gloucester and Mark Vaille was responsible for Queensland company getting the Halliburton war contracts that there is some sort of shady connection with this deal as well.

NO GAS at AGL Gloucester
AGL - Aussie Gas Lairs  - we don't care.  That should be their Motto (pictured AGL Frack Gate)

Considering Mark Vaille was the deputy Prime Minister at the same time and participated in all of the other Halliburton War contracts which were handed out to Australian contractors eager to profit from the war in Iraq.   Halliburton opened their futuristic offices in Canberra.   This grand entrance and "Opening" in Canberra leaves me thinking there is more to look at regarding Mark Vaille.  

He should be looked at concerning all things Halliburton.  Considering that AGL's Frack farm is in his former electorate seemingly is too close to be a mistake.  But hey these are just all suspicions to be looked at.  I would look at them more closely if I was on a panel for example.

Given that the Nationals bloke Dr David Gillespie (Gastroenterologist, Port Macquarie) is now sitting in the seat of Lynne (Mark Vaille's former seat) and this is traditionally the seat of the Deputy Prime Minister, it did make me think that he had that one in the bag if he could keep us all quiet perhaps.   So far this has not reared its ugly head to happen.

Both Dr Gillespie and his wife are shareholders of AGL Energy, according to his "Register of Public Interests".   How wonderful for them to have wasted their money because AGL will not profit from being involved with Halliburton either.  It does not seem to be the way they work.

Just before the election this is what he was quoted saying:
"I am very concerned about coal seam gas development and its potential effect on water but the federal government doesn't have the power to ban coal seam gas development.

What it can do is provide environmental protections such as the 'Water Trigger' amendment to the Environmental Biodiversity and Conservation Act, which The Nationals supported.

Our policy is quite clear on coal seam gas.

I do not support coal seam gas development where it poses a significant risk to the water, prime agricultural land or the wider environment.

I do not support coal seam gas development close to existing residential areas and I believe that landholders and communities should get a fair return from coal seam gas development on their land and in their towns.

IMG 8116
Dr David Gillespie
I am absolutely committed to seeing that our environment is preserved for the benefit of our future generations.
GILLESPIE Parliamentary speeches.  In his maiden speech to parliament he ignores the important issues and does not mention Gloucester's GAS INVASION,
"And our other regional transport links that we have committed to, like the Bucketts Way that will link the Manning Valley and Gloucester primary and secondary industries".
....A secondary mention is not a MENTION. 
This alerts me his is well aware of what is going on with the Gloucester Gas Project.  His idea must be to ignore it and hope it goes away because he is probably a good guy in over his head here with Halliburton in charge of things.  They US cannot fight a war without them, and AGL could not frack without them.
Dr David Gillespie on twitter:

The  predecessor, independent Rob Oakeshott fought hard for the issue and he was voted in after the rampant Vaille built his outrageous mansion in the Taree area.  It is the most in your face house.  It is not what I call an ordinary person's house.

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