Saturday, February 07, 2015

Infrared Camera to detect Coal Seam Gas Leaks | OzCrowd

Infrared Camera to detect Coal Seam Gas Leaks | OzCrowd
The awesome folks down at CSG Free Western Sydney have organised OZCrowd to crowd fund to raise funds to purchase an infrared camera.  This type of camera picks up gassy leaks from areas where Csg Fracking has caused problems.  The problems are already evident but the self regulated industry is saying otherwise.  This will expose the lies. 

Please go to this site and help crowd fund this if you have a spare few dollars because I am sure this will not be the only area this camera will be used in once its purchased. There are many good people connected that will endeavour to expose all of the
toxic activities our governments Australia wide are closing their eyes to.

AGL are all over the west of Sydney and in the Hunter Valley.

The corruption around this industry is rife and the levels are not levels any longer.  They are stages of corruption, grandiose in size and grandiose in nature.   My dad always said the the bigger they are the harder they fall.  Its time for this industry to fall on its knees.  I would like to see Australia expose the entirety of this stemming back to the USA and back to the Crown and Vatican.
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