Monday, February 23, 2015

TC LAM Northern Territory - Government makes it a Black and White Cyclone

Image - Oz Crowd funding

I shared the funding website as far and as wide as I possibly could to as many as possible and even asked people to donate if they could, I felt if we were on benefits and could send a few dollars, others earning much more could do the same. 

I posted the Oz Crowd link to Lock the Gate page and apologized for it being out of context with the page.  I felt it may reach a few hundred people there who may want to help because there are so many like minded people as myself visit that facebook page for csg updates etc and so I posted.

I was aware of page rules and this is why apologized straight up so that I could not be seen as not knowing the page rules.  One punter continually barged her immature point of view over and over and over and.  It made it difficult for me to be civil, given what I have seen personally regarding the treatment of indigenous in this country in all situations

After repeated posts from this same person (who goes by the name of Melinda Johnson)  it was evident this person was a government lover or  a troll or perhaps even Vee Ness.    That strange woman used the name Johnson as a surname on one of the false profiles of hers we busted out.

There was repeated sour grapes posts regarding this woman's disgust that lock the gate would not take down the appeal post I posted to LTG.   She turned on Judith and I who were answering her endless questions.  She took her posts down and it made us guys look like a couple of whack jobs posting between ourselves. 

Next morning surprisingly LTG had not taken the post down.   Many people had seen the post and I hope some of those folk have donated  and shared the TC LAM CYCLONE RELIEF PAGE far and wide also. 

However, like clockwork there was another comment from this same lady again, Melinda Johnson, offering a rather lame two pronged apology in order to have another go at me and the fact that LTG had not taken the post down and to purposefully stand up for the corrupt government and tell me that 'Government have not turned their backs'.
Arnhem Time 23/2/15 UPDATE:

We were informed today by the Chief Ministers Dept. that Milingimbi, Ramingining and Galwin’ku (Elcho), all now have access to clean and safe drinking water. The alert for boiling water has ceased. We are so so happy to hear this. There is still a lot of work to do and still a lot of people living in shelters/sheds and unable to return to their homes. There are still trees everywhere and locals are tirelessly trying to clean there houses and make repairs with extremely limited resources. Please keep spreading the word about our campaign and donating, every $1, is a heartfelt contribution that is appreciated and contributing to a great cause. Thanks (from crowd funding site)

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