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Rampant of Zionism and World Control

The AGE 25th November 1969  Business was booming.

So if you always believed in the system that is in place to take care of business, ie Government and the Central Banks.  The Federal Reserve Bank is the culprit  at the core of this for most countries right now.  Most American citizens don't understand the correct history of their country and how we have all been taken for the biggest ride, Australia uses the US$ as the marker for their AUS$.

The Central Bank in the USA is the strangest entity that answers to no one.  The people who kicked this into gear were none other than those Askenazi Zionist counterfeit Jews.  They have set themselves up well in that country.  They control all the best things of course.  The movie industry, the Publishing industry, the Pharmaceutical industry and of course the Mining industry across the world and the Banks.  There is also the one world death squad called the CFR. [
Council on Foreign Relations] The IRS is also privately owned and not answerable to the US Government of people.The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank. It issues the USA with it's money.  The money is issued with a interest charge.   The people pay this interest back in the form of incredibly unfair income tax system. 

 The Ashkenazi Jewish connections. Research each one by clicking separately on the pictures.

(יהודי אשכנז Y'hudey Ashkenaz in Ashkenazi Hebrew)


In this country of Australia the Prime Minister and any person who nominates themselves for public office have to be a single passport holder of an Australian passport and be and Australian Citizen.   In 1901 those who put the Commonwealth of Australia together dictated that this was an important piece of legislation.  The reasons for this were to stop foreign influence ever being an issue in governing the country.

Lately there has been the issue with our current prime minister being a duel citizen of both Britain and Australia.  This hit the headlines because he was born in Britain.  Only seeking Aussie citizenship when his mother realized he could not apply for the Rhodes scholarship.  Abbott held duel citizenship for a long time and to date he refuses to produce proof to the Australian people that he relinquished this in the proper time to be Prime Minister elect.

A one eyed wink from Abbott
The American laws which govern who can run for office are completely different to Australian law on this same subject.   In the USA, you can hold duel citizenship.  I think this is a minefield that needs addressing.   It has to be while ever Australia's saps who are in Government suck up the American Presidents bottoms like they are a VaX Vacuum Cleaner. 

For me to look on at this situation unfolding is a scary prospect.  People like Abbot either don't seem to see this  or are paid to not look at this as a likely point of misdirection for Australia and her people.

I think that the USA should address it immediately and replace all those in office with USA only citizenship people who have that land as their mother.

The new emerging  BRICS member countries are seemingly quite a force on the world stage now where the money is concerned with the tight knit member states of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa that make up the acronym BRICS.
It appears they may even take over as the marker kicking the US$ out of its prideful place.   The pressure is on now because everyone knows the banks in the US are empty and are run behind closed doors in secret.   
Rothschild, Morgan, Rockerfeller, and Chase are the classic family names of those that are still around today and these families are still the ones who have so far amassed a sickening wealth and it has gone past the point of being sickening. The Rothschild family is said to have 500 trillion worth of wealth.  Shell, Exxon, British Petroleum, Halliburton to name a few corporations.   From what is written it appears the wealth amassed is the mums and dads money from all over the planet.
These families can  be researched and time lined so you can see the movements around the planet. It is widely reported these same families are responsible for  boom and bust times with the economy, they buy governments and legal systems and supply

They have control the oil and gas markets.   These influential families buy governments and the courts and judges in the legal arena.  It is known that these families supply arms, and fund and provoke both sides of
every war .

They own the mainstream media.  Some say they even have the churches in there pockets.  We can debate the facts about what they own and we know it is this and that here and there etc all over the world and  the proof is all around you and accessible. 

Halliburton is a filthy company that still to this day keeps Dick Cheney on a retainer.  They are the supposed self appointed champions within the fracking industry which is like a cancer gripping the entire planet.  Each drill put down is a hot shot into the mother.
IMG 4464
Sadly Halliburton came to Gloucester NSW to assist AGL to Frack
*Hot Shot - Terminology  [word] is a term used to describe how to kill someone by giving them an injection of poison or an overdose.

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