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Piezoelectricity in Humans and why are we a big Crystal Set?

So my reading has taken me to look at these three, Abu Ghurab  Baalbek, Lebanon and The Hittite empire in much more detail now.  There is evidence that Gold sluicing was occurring in all three of these places with the use of piezoelectricity. All three places share the similar set up for this with underground tunnels numbering the same and finely honed stone bowls with holes in these for drainage.
The piezoelectric effect of the quartz crystal-laden red granite was one sentence I read and immediately I was drawn to think of Uluru.  The apple never falls far from the tree, meaning that perhaps these places were all in one place once on the face of the planet before the latest and greatest Earth change when she grew up and matured into the mother that she is now.  Before that, it is possible, because this ripped the land masses apart as well as submerging others and making new mountains and rivers everywhere.  

IMG 0226 South Australia
Kati Thanda
In Australia we have the largest inland salt sea, Lake Eyre the colonists named this amazing and magical place. Such a flat name, but its traditional name is 'Kati Thanda.  ' This salt crystal lake and the red rock of Uluru and may have performed a similar thing once upon a time.  In a time when the land masses were not so distant and before a time when this culture here in Australia became absolutely cut off from the rest of the world floating down here in South.

It is only a hypothesis, something to think about.  I was alive with ideas about Piezoelectricity yesterday after discovering the keratin crystalline structure of hair. 
IMG 0810 Our first Christmas Beetle
Fingernails feel the world and interact - hands on.
Then to find this is also true of our finger nails and our toe nails and our teeth.   Interesting that all of those things interact with the environment to tell us what is going on.  Our fingers touch and we feel, our teeth are for biting which leads to taste, our toes touch the ground and we ground to it and stand upright, and our hair grows, as do the nails and interacts with the very air surrounding all of the hair on the body.  The hair on the head is particularly sensitive but the hair covers all of our body and in places of great significance for instinct there is a great deal more hair.  The Genital area for example is a place that being the sacredness of it is well placed with hair once again to pick up the messages that are not verbal or felt in another way.  The hair becomes the aerial.  

We are in fact a walking, talking crystal radio set.  This explains why I do hear things on the air.  My body actually conducts this into my body which converts this to symbolic messages a lot of the time.  My hair is extremely long and I am super sensitive to what is going on around me. 

IMG 9497  Long Blonde Hair
The Long hair is a crystal set - it picks up messages.

These are all very interesting things to postulate and learn more about the processes they use to transfer these electrical charges from with in the crystalline structure of all of it.   It is so exciting to see this in the human body.

I grow both fingernails and hair very quickly and always wondered why this happened.  I wonder if it means that my charges are balanced, as some don't experience much growth at all.   I do use a lot of creative essence on a daily basis with writing and photography and my up-cycle mat making venture that engrosses me no end.  

Skipping to another obscure fact here that is quoted often from the Bible.  The number 666 being the mark of the beast.  This number sequence is amazing because it shows us what atoms are and their sequence of  6 protons, 6 Electrons and  6 Neutrons.  The mark of the beast is a funny thing because everything in the universe including humanity has this 666 thing going on.  Its in our electrical makeup.  We are beings of light slowed down to a solid by gravity and magnetism.

We are electric and we transmit and broadcast and we pick up signals.  We actually see a lot of symbolism we have been taught to not look at and this has made the human race quite docile in the light of previous man.

This is just another level of communication with our environment that we grew from.  We are people and we peopled from the Earth.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


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