Monday, February 16, 2015

'Action' is the sacred masculine principal of change.

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 Watching is action waiting for the right moment.
The weight of your heart can be known by the universe by consciousness on an ethereal level.  This is our accountability.  The soul participates in creation.   Sometimes this participation requires bloodshed on our part and it can and will require hard work in the walking out of daily life.  It involves tragedy and loss, these emotions create as well, all emotion manifests change on the scale of feelings

 image from THYALWAYSEEK Kolbrin #6
So in this universal equation the good intentions are not enough.  As the saying goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".    That it is, that it is.

Many people are completely sideswiped by the controlled opposition and actually believe that non violence is action.  This is universally impossible and is therefore a lie from the pit of hell.  Because all action is in fact violent in nature. 

It is all in how you look at this and from which angle you see this from and there are many.  We, as a collective  have been taught by the illusionists to believe an illusion.  In the illusion they make we see violence as 'ALL BAD' and the striving for peace as paramount and its not. 

Neither is chaos all bad.  There has to be one third chaos and two thirds peace to make it work.  Nothing is with out movement and emotions are on this level also as are communities, countries and even planets.  There are times when its not cool for one planet to be nearer to another as the influential energies from this are malefic but still necessary for the rhythm nature of the universe to continue in the eternal patterns. 

So,  real 'Action' is soul participation.   Action isn't bad if you look at a lettuce for lunch.  Pulling a lettuce from the earth is a violent act (if you break it down) but its good for you - perhaps this analogy is easier to understand?

We are under attack from every corner imaginable and there is soul participation required to stand up and fight for who we are and to fight for truth to prevail as we move on up into our divine nature.
Sitting down (and waiting) is accessing only one half of the equation  (the sacred feminine) of creation in a situation. This will be 'impotent' minus the sacred masculine of 'Action'. 

These two intrinsic energies go hand in hand and this is what creates. In this incidence it is the birth of a new strength filled existence that is manifested.  This is balanced in the ethereal and therefore it is balanced on the Earth plane (The now - the plane of existence relating to plane-t Earth.  As above so Below.
 Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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