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So what if I think Murrumu is a hero?

MURRUMU ....Murrumu Walubara Yidindji, as he is now, is highly adept with words – consistent with the reputation he honed in Canberra and elsewhere (among other stories he broke, Murrumu was the first western reporter to interview Julian Assange in London’s Ecuadorian embassy) as a highly respected journalist. He footnotes his English aphorism with Latin interpretation and constantly riffs – even kind of raps – off the entendre of words he so precisely selects. Guardian
I first read about what Murrumu did a couple of weeks back and my first thought was that this man was a veritable real life hero for his people and for many others who share his point of view on this subject of Australia and of the facts of all of our Citizenship. 

I liked how Murrumu penned it Citizen Ship, like a ship he was alighting from.  I read through all of this with such excitement that this man had courage to burn.  It is being true to what we all preach and how could anyone fault him for this.

Read the entire story here at the Guardian explaining why Murrumu did this.

I thought it was interesting from the fact of Admiralty Law.  Our law in this country is false law because we are under a false system from the English Trone (Monarchy)  We are one her Vassals and for what its worth we should not be such because No One said so.  Nobody said it was cool and this is their rules (British).  So much for fair play.

So Murrumu handed everything back to the appropriate peoples, his passport, Medicare, Superannuation of twenty years, all bank accounts and any property he owned.  He surrendered the lot and wrote  letters to accompany these items back to the government departments. 

He lives on trust now and that is a big thing, but the biggest shock to me was to wake up to find that Murrumu had been arrested by Federal Police.

This is going to get interesting because he was released the next day by a magistrate.  He was freed on No Bail.  So we sit and wait to see where this avenue turns into a highway we can all traverse.

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Everything is played out in the spirit realm first.

So they lock him up for three days on the Public Purse and try to pursue this in court and the Magistrate Boss is not impressed by any of it.  She warns Gavin Mansfield, the Prosecution that they should be very wary of pursuing such matters and they had better be well prepared for such a case.

The audacity of the Prosecution in this matter is evident as they asked for a relatively soon re convention back to court and a date of the 16th February was set down.

Out side the Court Murrumu spoke of the laws being not there to have this heard in court because he was not a citizen of this land and that this will cause them more problems than him.  Read the transcript from the Guardian regarding his interesting day in court.  It is HISTORY MAKING in my opinion.

Guardian Link to

Canberra magistrate frees Indigenous 'trespasser' and queries charge...........

Read full story Here
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Aboriginal Embassy Canberra

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