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ABBOTT TIMELINE just for fun . .

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.
English: Tony Abbott in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1957 Tony Abbott was born in London (UK) on November 4th, 1957.
1960 He moved to Australia with family, September 1960 as part of the "Assisted Passage Migration Scheme".  Father, Dick Abbott, was a dentist.
1963 Tony Abbott started school at the Holy Family Convent, Lindfield
1966 Tony Abbott enrolled in Year 3 at St Aloysius' College at Milson's Point.
1975 Abbott  completed secondary school  at St Ignatius' College, Riverview, Sydney.

 St Aloysius' College and St Ignatius' College are both Jesuit schools.

1976 Tony Abbott  attended Sydney University, he studied Economics and Law.
Notable friends of Abbott at University included Greg Sheridan who is now the Foreign Editor of The Australian.
1978 While at University, Tony Abbott was charged with indecent assault (the case was later dismissed by a Judge).

1978 He was also caught by the police vandalizing a street sign, which also resulted in an appearance before a Judge who found him guilty but recorded no conviction.

1978 While at University, his girlfriend told him she was pregnant.
 Marriage was discussed before Abbott developed "cold feet" and the relationship ended. As abortion wasn't an option, they decided to adopt the baby out.
[DNA tests supposedly proved that Abbott wasn't the father of this child.]
1980 Graduated University with a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Law
1981  Fay and Richard Abbott register Tony's birth with the Dept. of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs 19th June 1981
1981  1 July Anthony John Abbott deemed an Australian citizen under Section 11 of the Australian Citizenship Act 1948
1981 Abbott studied  at Queen's College, Oxford  (Rhodes Scholar). starting in October 1981.
1982 He graduated with a Master of Arts (MA) in Politics and Philosophy.
1983  Returned to Australia and entered the St Patrick's Seminary at Manly
Abbott studied to become a Catholic priest.While at the Seminary, he wrote articles for The Catholic Weekly and The Bulletin
1987  Quit the Seminary for a future in politics, continued writing for The Bulletin.
1987  Margie Aitkin, a New Zealander marries Abbott.
1988 Abbott quits  writing for The Bulletin, citing boredom. 
1988 Contacts his network of  "business leaders" asks for a job.
 Sir Tristan Antico, a "prominent member of the wider Jesuit network" gives Abbott a job.
1989 Tony Abbott is the Plant Manager of Sydney Concrete at Silverwater Sydney.
1989 Abbott  accepted a position with The Australian as a journalist.
1989 John Howard recommended  Abbott as Fed. Lib leader J. Hewson's press secretary.
1990 Tony Abbot becomes Professor John Hewsons Press Secretary and political adviser. 
1992  National Executive Director  - ACM until elected following year

1994  Elected into parliament.
1996  Appointed Parliamentary Sec. to Minister Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs.
1998  Minister for workplace relations in 2nd Howard ministry
1998  Abbott oversees the start of Green Corps
2000  Abbott promoted to Cabinet
2003  Minister for Health and Aging
2007  Stopped being Minister for Aging.
2007  Contested the leadership of the Liberal Party but pulled out.
2009  Resigned from Frontbench because of Turnbull's support of Rudd
2009  Leader of the Opposition in December 2009.

2010  60 Minutes asks Abbott about homosexuality.. and he says uncomfortable.
2011  Abbott for the first time led Gillard in a Newspoll as preferred Prime Minister.
2012  Australia Day at Canberra Tent Embassy Abbott and Gillard secured down after protest actions.
2012  Releases his fourth book "A Strong Australia"
2013  Becomes Prime Minister defeats Labors Kevin Rudd

At the federal election on 7 September 2013, Abbott led the Liberal/National coalition to a victory over the incumbent Labor government, led by Kevin Rudd. Abbott and his ministry were sworn in on 18 September 2013

English: Kevin Rudd, 26th Prime Minister of Au...
English: Kevin Rudd, 26th Prime Minister of Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Carbon Tax Repeal Bill passed both houses of Parliament on 17 July 2014 and the Mining Tax Repeal Bill passed both houses of Parliament on 2 September 2014 after negotiations with the Palmer United Party
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