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The Jesuit at the Helm in Australia.

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Earlier this month I was reading an article in the SMH where it was reporting on the government and Pyne's proposed higher education package - The one where University fees are deregulated and funding is cut by 20 percent but its  a package that has two sides. 

The Federal Government turns around and hands out federal funding to students at private universities and associate degree programs highlighted in kickbacks for religious education of priests and chaplains being the biggest beneficiaries of the funding.

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"Priests’ training at private colleges would reportedly be subsidized by the Federal Government for the first time under Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s proposed higher education reforms." SMH
The involvement in politics in the recent year by the Catholic Church has all but astounded me.  This institution should for all intents and purposes be shut down completely, it is an illegal haven for corruption masquerading as an institution of God.  History tells a story that is not far different to the  story unfolding today.

The Abbott is an ordained Jesuit Priest.
The minor fact that the Abbott is a Jesuit Catholic is very intriguing in this scenario which he is trying to push forward with in the new Higher Education package. 

Under Pyne's and Abbott's plans, three educational institutions,Sydney College of Divinity, Brisbane's Christian Heritage College and the Perth Bible College share in  $820 million cool dollars in taxpayer funding.
"This raises serious questions about relationship between Church and State. The Church has traditionally funded the training of its own personnel."
Kim Carr - Labor higher education spokesperson.
From what I can see this church is the last institution you would have near any education institution what so ever with the much publicized articles of epidemic child abuse mainly abuse of young boys in most countries as well as Australia.  The church is moving fast here to sure up its position in the politics of this nation which is diabolical for everyone
"Mr Pyne has gone one step further than robbing Peter to pay Paul – he is attempting to rob Australia's public and secular university system to pay private, religious colleges.

"Courses that Mr Pyne wants to extend funding to include those teaching prescriptive Christian ideology on sexuality and marriage – is this really the best use of the higher education budget?" 
Lee Rhiannon - Greens Senator

Lee Rhiannon
Lee Rhiannon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Read more at Channel Nine News

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