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Corporations Masquerading as 'Activism'.

IMG 9922 Uluru Dreaming 2012
Sacred art at Uluru
Many people refer to this as the "Controlled Opposition".  Many years ago in the 1970's and early 1980's many friends of the planet type groups were formed out of a cry from the people of the world to stop Nuclear Testing in the Pacific Ocean and Greenpeace was one of those born out of that era.
Greenpeace word mark Русский: Текстовый символ...
Greenpeace word mark Русский: Текстовый символ «Гринпис» (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There has been a lot of too-ing and fro-ing at the top of Greenpeace and things sometimes have been seen as not as ecologically sound as they profess to be for a number of instants.  Large salaries and various in house fights about ridiculous things. It is said they have been infiltrated by the very people who are the enemy (corporations).   Then this happens. 

Who with any sense would ever have said this was a sensible thing to do?  How disrespectful does this show they have been to the Peruvian people. If this type of incident can happen to the Nazca Lines then I think its a fair question to ask "is Uluru safe from these types of outrageous shows of activism gone mad"?

No charges have been laid.  I wonder why?  Because in my opinion there should some action taken and perhaps charges should be laid against people like this in the future for dealing with people  with no moral fibre who participate in a protest and who do not go to trouble on researching their target to bother to understand the delicate nature of the place.

Nasca (Peru), Astronaut, August 2007
Nasca (Peru), Astronaut, August 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There is obviously a severe lack of knowledge of cultural values at the highest levels of Greenpeace for this mess to have occurred.  Greenpeace say they take full responsibility but really will any one ever trust this out fit again. I think this was the idea.  Infiltrate from the inside make wild decisions and before you know it your dead in the water. 

This is how it happens.  I have seen this situation before with other corporations that were starting out good, everybody happy and succeeding and for some reason the best salesmen in the world talk them into changing direction and making decisions that ultimately drive a nail in the coffin of the company or organization.  

"Controlled Opposition".  We could do well to get used to the terminology of this because you will see it a lot more as more truth comes out about how these corporations strings are pulled in places we never get to see.

Nasca (Peru), Condor, August 2007
Nasca (Peru), Condor, August 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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