Monday, December 15, 2014

The Fourth Coal Loader gets PAC'd in.

The Planning Assessment Commission has astounded many people who have fought long and hard to stop the construction of the fourth Coal Loader.   Despite concerns PAC went ahead and  recommended the approval be granted to build the much disputed $5billion fourth coal terminal.  This is planned for Kooragang Island.

IMG 8472 Uncovered Coal Train Hexham
Endless filthy uncovered "Coal Trains" pollute the surrounding countryside.
There was  strong opposition to this from all quarters of the community. The  commissions findings regarding the possible impact on the air quality and risks of  contamination were impacts to the biodiversity that could be offset and managed

The words "offset" are the words that stand out to me.  What offsets could possible replace or fix the damage the coal mining will cause?  We need to get away from this industry, this is more than evident.  The stubborn greedy mining magnates are refusing to leave their counting houses though  and remain in their ivory towers counting their illusory gold.  

Below is a statement put out by the Planning and Assessment Commission regarding their latest blow to the environment of Australia.  Predicating the truth of who really runs government.

‘‘However, while fluctuations in the market may delay the requirement for a fourth terminal, it is recognised that the ability to meet an increased demand in the future requires continued investment and expansion in supporting infrastructure,’’ the commission said." 
Kooragang Island was formerly known as Ash Island because of all the Ash trees that once grew there.  They have all long been harvested and the mud flats are no longer. 

'Orica'  Kooragang which manufactures agricultural fertiliser and explosives for the mining industry are also situated on Kooragang and have been there since 1969.
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