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Sydney was in 'Lockdown' while the rest of the country took "Siege Breaks."

Sweet temptation. I can't decide if it's bette...
Sweet temptation. I can't decide if it's better On White or On Black . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Siege Breaks are breaks the television uses to play advertising material shoving the corporate agenda into your face as many times as possible during which time several people were alledged to be held hostage by a lone gunman in Martin Place in Sydney's CBD.    The media dubbed him a "Lone Wolf" Gunman.  I found this an interesting twist to use the name of a notorious bike club.   Was this to elicit emotion?

So these were re-named "Siege Breaks" instead of "Commercial Breaks".  That's commercial television, never missing an opportunity to sell something or convince the general public of things to which previous they had no idea

Yesterday morning at 9:36AM, Bruno a city cafe worker attempted to open the doors of Lindt, his workplace but the doors were locked and the gunman was alleged to be already inside.  Bruno spoke extensively about the situation on camera and kept the drama going while media used same footage over and over. Hanging in the window was a flag that was said to say 

"There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God".  

Some reported the flag was an ISIS flag but this was found to be incorrect as this flag is what Islamist people call the Black Standard.  It is the flag of Jhad from what I can ascertain from reading about it.  On the Black Standard were printed these words in Islam.
" لا إله إلا الله وأن محمدا رسول الله"

Bruno said a lot of things that made nonsense.  He said he saw a man with a hat and beard and then he said he saw nothing and then he said it was too dark inside the cafe to see anything. I suppose it could be passed off as an anxiety type reaction to the situation.

Then there was the lady from her workplace on the floor above the cafe in the Lindt building.  She said she may have had a friend working inside the Lindt Shop at the time of the siege.   Later, this lady confirmed live to air that her friend was on leave.  Friends who work close to each other usually know about taking holidays.  That didn't sound right to me.

She managed to cry for the camera and sniffled and wiped tears I couldn't see from her eyes and cheeks where clearly there were no tears. 

All of this puzzled me.  Over studying perhaps, but listening to the media and even the names were more than I could deal with.  One chap was called Josh Actin, another reporter was called Rachel Puppetzoni.  Was it just a coincidence these people had such aptronym names.

 In the beginning media were all over the situation.  They were over it before the NSW Police even took it serious.  The media were getting calls and were taking pictures.  The gunman allowed the hostages to call Ray Hadlee at 2GB and he was a conduit for Police for a while during the earlier part of the Martin Place siege in the Lindt Cafe.

2GB Radio broadcaster Ray Hadley said he had spoken on the phone to hostages being held inside the Lindt  Cafe in Sydney's Martin Place.

Ray Hadley

Ray Hadley then said live to air from the 2GB Sydney studios the hostage he spoke to was "remarkably calm" during the phone conversation where he was relaying the information from the gunman to him at around 1.00pm on Monday afternoon.  This was just over four hours into the hostage situation.

Hadley said he could hear the gunman talking in the background during the phone conversation.
The gunman wanted the hostage to speak live on radio.  This is considered a common thing with Islamic terrorist / hostage situations.  Media attention. Hadley and Scipione the NSW Police Commissioner both agreed  in another telephone conversation that this type of demand was not going to be met by him or any of his colleagues. Its not how its done in Australia??  
Read More about what they had to say here at The Age

Police Commisioner
 So that is the story the Australian people were spoon fed (informed) all day yesterday via all of the "free to air" television networks.  Radio was a little different, but television was all over this story replaying and playing up the details. 

The Police Commissioner addressed the nation, the NSW Premier Mike Beard addressed the nation, the Prime Minister addressed the nation.  Various people were flown back to the country from destinations across the world because it was considered important they also be here in the country for this hostage event.

All the players in Government
This hostage situation was a convenient distraction for the Australian people and for the Federal Government who were about to deliver the most horrendous budget update (MID YEAR ECONOMIC and Fiscal UPDATE ) that has been seen in the history of government in this country.  It's all contained too. Police continually referred to the lock-down situation with the hostages as "contained" also

The internet was a frenzy with everyone's take on the situation, and some were saying too many of the events were not fitting together sensibly.  Of course drawing these conclusions from an already flawed media is probably doomed to failure.   But that's what the Australian people had.

These are fair questions for the people who believe the media documentation of events are absolutely true to every detail.  These are fair questions when you yourself have been in front of the courts for a benign trumped up charge and the judge threatens to throw the book at you. All you did was ring up your ex husband. 

Its hardly a lawful comparison, when you see the Planning and Assessment Commission are blatantly being reckless with the Australian environment which is criminal, and PAC get away with it.  The absolute madness of passing projects that will damage everyone for a long time and nothing happens. My crime is ringing up and the full weight of the law was threatened upon my head.  See what I mean.

By the time late afternoon had rolled around, five hostages had allegedly freed themselves and escaped.  The nation according to media, gave thanks for this.  Five people out of the picture and no longer witnesses to what transpired inside the Lindt Cafe after they got out. 

Perhaps these people were not part of the plan and were accidentally caught up in the drama. Maybe they think they escaped, perhaps it was set up this way so they would escape - after all who wouldn't if there was any opportunity.  All of this could have been prearranged... years ago is even a  possibility.

We all went to bed with these thoughts and suspicions regarding the Sydney Siege  So the hostage situation was on going.  At around 2.00am this all changed. 
Loud explosions and yelling could be heard from outside the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Sydney's Martin Place when armed police stormed the building about 2.00am (AEDT) reported by the  ABC.
Live Footage of this can be seen here :  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-12-16/sydney-siege-climax/5969376

 The name of the lone gunman in the cafe was Man Haron Monis. 
He is an Iranian cleric.  This is the part that was hard to take - he was  on bail for a string of over 40 violent offenses. Some rape and one where his wife was killed and this mans girlfriend was implicated. 

So this man was big character.  A very big character.  Many people are now saying today, how could someone who had this sort of history even be out on bail?  There was some mention of this regarding it not being covered yet by legislation which all sounded really unfounded. 

Man Haron Monis for all intents and purposes appears to be the epitome of all of our worst nightmares, a terrorist Muslim Islamic extremist with several wives who had clocked up a string of violent charges since supposedly arriving in the country in 1996. 

To most peoples astonishment this nightmare was out on bail and free.   This part is very difficult to digest as even sensible.  This is another reason that has made people suspicious these were not all crisis actors in fact.

Yes it was just as hard to take to day when the situation resulted in deaths  So all the laws didn't matter because this person was clearly not stopping with the violent crimes no matter how many books could have been pelted at him. 

This is all based on the information we the general public are given to make a personal judgement and digest what happened regarding the situation that allegedly occurred in Martin Place.  It would be good to remember this unfolded on television for 99% of the population.  It was like he was some sort of Islamic superman who had committed every atrocity in the book since arriving here in 1996.  Well known to Police this Man Haron Monis was.

Its funny because to speak out against any of this  would be seen by those with straight opinions that I was not respecting the families of those that died.  Society is set up this way,  and of course this is not my intention.  But there are so many angles to this that seemingly are choreographed.

IMG 0279 Sydney Skyline
Sydney Skyline
I would like to introduce the subject of  "Crisis Actors". A strange concept to some, absolutely unbelievable to others and feasible and provable to yet still  others.  Crisis Actors are what were used in various terror attacks noted around the western world perpetrated by the Islamic Nation.

This is the description of crisis actors given by Vision Box Studios.  

The Crisis Actors are specially trained actors who help first responders handle emergency situations in schools and public environments by creating realistic drills, full-scale exercises, high-fidelity simulations, and interactive 3D films. We are looking for actors of all ages, types, and ethnicity, with background in classical and contemporary theatre, who are passionate about technique and craft while also having an interest in work of social relevance. Crisis Actors are paid per performance project, live or filmed, and are also required to participate in different kinds of training that will be discussed at the audition.

Its such a giant leap for the people who have emphatically trusted in the flawed system.

These are the people who still believe this will all be sorted out with the two major party system continuing the way it always has done like it is the main course  of some phantom dinner party because having the Greens Party would be like an entree, and the independents of the nations are the nuts, that is if all this were a feast.

Read this Blog about CRISIS ACTORS busted in SYDNEY  

There are various pleas of sadness and pictures to be found at this following News LINK link if you want to go and look at some of the statements written because they look so sterile and feel that way also.  

I did have a couple of questions.  How long do people go undercover for?  Do people go undercover for many years? These are things I have wondered.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography-Sydney Skyline

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