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Childhood trauma and ADHD

I read an article credited to  Dr Nicole Brown where she ponders the fact that Childhood Trauma could be a possible link to ADHD.  Its a great article and it can be sourced here from this LINK
"When Brown looked closely, though, she saw something else: trauma. Hyper-vigilance and dissociation, for example, could be mistaken for inattention. Impulsiveness might be brought on by a stress response in overdrive."
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 My own childhood trauma was immediately highlighted in my mind as I read through Dr Browns work.   I could see myself in most of this.  I had wondered if my inability to be quiet as a child or to be able to be still was what they classically call ADHD today. 

I was a very bright child and a willing learner.  I had very good marks at school, excelling in two subjects and gaining a high mark higher than others for year ten English.   This was complicated by the fact that I wasn't allowed in any classes at school as I was banned from the classroom.  I got way too bored in class so what do you think sitting alone did to me. 

The old "lets set you apart from everyone else", again - yes the repeat of my birth trauma all over again. I would not doubt for a second that I was severely affected by this treatment.   The feeling of being completely ostracized in front of everyone. 

I used to  laugh about it to avoid feeling what I really felt.  I would have took  my life if it were two years previous, but I had toughened up a lot by this time and found a great way to deal with most of it was to laugh at it and just be even naughtier.  Did it help?  Who knows?  I am still here today to be able to talk about it.  Health professionals say I have dealt with this in a unique and successful way.  Trying to focus on understanding the situation instead of fighting it.

I would say that the Queensland Government have a lot to answer for and I have been traumatized by that action along with many others since.  This could have had a flow on effect to how I parented my children regarding school so therefore all of that is the result of this treatment by government staff and government carers.

I carried so much anger in my spirit I assaulted my science teacher and fought the toughest girl's in schoo,l Anne Rafter and Cathy Rowbottom and won.  I got respect, but I had to fight for my life to get that.  I am wondering how much of that original anger I still carry inside when I get to a point today where I can no longer deal and go into a mini meltdown and cry.
Mary-Ellen and William Peters
My Dad nursed me at Rita's Wedding, he was there and so was I.
I have seen the trauma effect others in the same way although todays standards only want to look at food and other external causes.  People are not apt to want to look at their own PARENTING SKILLS as the reason their child is so severely effected.  How many times did they feel abandonment.  How much does leaving the children at a young age at school effect some.  Every child is indeed different and some separate easily early and others take longer.  This fact is seen to be the SAME in all children but it is by far not the truth of the situation from my experience.
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