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Brian has reported an AQUIFER has blown in SE Queensland.

Brian Monk lives at #2 Hell Street in Newmans Sorcerer's  Estate.  Seriously Brian lives in South East Queensland west of Toowoomba.   He lives in a living nightmare called a Gas Field.  He and his family moved to have the  quiet life and were over run by the corporate madness of the great Gas Rush.  People are sick, crimes are committed against ordinary folks and the chemical nightmare continues on monitoring itself.  All the while the only concern is the bottom line of profit.  No body has any concern for the people in this equation. 

Recently Brian has begun to report on the state of an Aquifer and the proof that gas has breached into the underground water along with chemicals and toxic heavy metals that nature has taken millions of years to separate for our own protection.  This is serious

This is what Brian has reported
23rd November 2014
NEWS FLASH, NEWS FLASH. You wont see this in Des Houghton of the Courier mail articles, or the Chimpchilla News. Nor will you see it on lame-stream media.
There has been a major CSG incident near Chinchilla. An incident involving both Arrow and Origin so I have been told.
It involves the blowing of an aquifer, a water bore blowing out very impressively so i am told. The CSG compliant unit has attended and it is reported to me, they have told the Gas Co's to fix the problem.
Of course there is no make good for this and monetary compensation is the only solution. I have been informed the figure of $1,000,000 is the proposed compensation. But my concern is will $1,000,000 silence this issue, is that all the future of our nation is worth. Also if it is as it has been reported to me, a whole of aquifer damage, what about all the food that was going to be grown from this aquifer.
What about all the other farmers in the area who rely on this aquifer to remain productive.
My personal opinion is it is TIME FARMERS stood up and said, MONEY is not the answer, shutting this industry down is the answer. Instead I suspect the monetary value will be all that is required to silence this issue, destroy the lives of numerous productive farmers as the problem spreads, and all the while slimy no account journalists will continue to spread the co-existence bullshit.
So how much truth is in this allegation, enough for me to hear it from both the CSG industry and farmers alike. Will I pursue this, no, I don't use underground water, our bore is already poisoned, both the industry and the government have covered that up. This claim is for FARMERS who will be impacted to chase up, for any journalist if there are any left in lame-stream to follow up. It is common knowledge.
For those of you who don't live in a gasfield, you will not realize this industry leaks information at an alarming rate, my personal belief is that people working in the industry are just trying to relieve the burden on their soul by leaking information. So has anyone got the balls to follow this up, probably not, but we are talking an aquifer, not a water bore, we are talking an aquifer.

23rd November 2014 later on:

Thanks for sharing this news flash around, the CSG Compliance Unit needs to come out and deny or admit the truth of this story. No need to talk to Arrow or Origin or the APPEA. Just get the facts on the record from the CSG compliance unit, or DEHP or who ever the hell should be regulating this industry, and chase up the effected farmers.
Now it isn't my bore and I wasn't there, but i have absolutely no reason to doubt what I was told from different sources. This is real CSG news, this is the real deal, someone needs to explore this story.
Not APPEA's spin, what about the real farmers who's lives and future depend on this aquifer, could there be a link to LINC, they are stinking the place up again. I mean, investigative journalists used to do this work, WTF happened to them.
What causes water bores to explode, that was how it was described to me. What about a few souls working in the industry come clean and go on the record, even if anonymously, get these facts out there. IT'S TIME.

23 November at 15:06
Chinchilla Water bore blow out and Aquifer destruction. It is reported that this bore blew out, exploded was the term i was told and water spewed all over the landowners paddock. Is this OK Australians. Remember your breakfast probably came from these paddocks, was probably grown from irrigation water from these aquifers. Only idiot choose to poison their water, and bigger idiots allow the polluticians they vote into power to poison it for them. This is a no brainer, there are already so many bores in this area blowing gas, added to that the Condamine River is blowing gas at an alarming rate. Yet your polluticians and useless public servants tell you it is safe. I tell you what is safe, pack these bastards up, put them on a boat and send them back to where they came from. Let honest Australians enjoy clean air, clean water and clean food. Let honest farmers do what they do best, grow food. Do you need to all go to uni to do a course to understand the basic simplicity of this. Poison the air and the water and you poison the food. Deplete the water and nothing grows. WTF, are we just STUPID.
OK, here is an update on the AQUIFER BLOWOUT. This blowout occurred to a bore that had sat unused for 30 years, without any indication it blew out spraying water over a paddock, this was a mix of water and gasses, it continued for around 24 hours before the water slowed but the gas continues to gurgle and blow out. I wonder how many of these water bores the CSIRO tested in their unscientific examination of emissions from the CSG industry. WHAT does this indicate?????? Clearly it shows CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE. It shows gas has found its way from the COAL SEAMS to the AQUIFER. NO SCIENCE or SPIN NEEDED to come to that conclusion. So how do we think the CSG industry will try to spin this, did the bore always blow gas, that is the tried and proven way to fool idiots into looking the other way. I cant see any other option for our sold out government and its puppet servants to spin this. But the thing is it DIDN'T always blow gas DID IT. FIRST the bubbling CONDAMINE RIVER, I love the way they call it a seep.

OK, about this Aquifer blow out, I want people to think of how easy it is to shut this up. If i worked for the industry, meaning if I was a total psychopathic moron this is what I would do. I would insist the farmer had no contact with the media. I would wave a juicy carrot under the farmers nose. I would delay the CSG Compliance Unit from commenting or better still get one of my bought and sold polluticians to comment on, even Candrill himself maybe. I would then cover all evidence of the crime against humanity hat is being perpetrated right here, right now.
Now I'm not a total moronic psychopath so I would beg the farmer to in fact contact every media outlet as well as the non-mainstream media outlets. I would have the guts to stand up for what is right, I would know that if i signed the bore away i guaranteed the future of my neighbors to be waterless. I would know that this gas is now escaping unchecked into the soils all around my bore, my land, my neighbors land and I would make a stand. I would know that the future of all the farmers in my region depended on crushing the insane CSG industry and running it out of our land. I would rule my actions by what I KNOW IS RIGHT, even if it not so financially rewarding.
I would also ask for support and in doing so make sure of the motives of those I asked for support.
If I was a greedy self centered moron I would in fact go for the million dollar pay out, because to silence this i would guarantee the industry will pay a million. But in taking that million I would know I sold all my neighbors and friends out, I would know that history would show me to be one of the first to sell my soul. That is not how I would choose to be remembered.
So the eyes of Australia are trained on a farmer who has experienced the destruction of his unused water bore, waiting to see if that farmer and his advising body is prepared to sell out Australia, will be interesting the next few days.
Why can I make this passionate plea, simple really, a neighbor just down the road sold around 5000 acres of his property to QGC for $8,200,000. We own 5200 acres, my cars are falling to bits, the arse is out of my jeans, but my conscience is clean. As the dirt is shoveled on my face, it will hit a smiling face because I did the RIGHT thing. We all know what the right thing is, even our sell out polluticians, our sell out public servants, our sell out neighbors, we all know what the right thing is.
This farmer should be compensated, but for the right reasons, not silenced to hide a sad reality that is sweeping across our nation. Our most precious resource is water, this farmer has the opportunity to save Australian AQUIFERS.

So think about this little fact. How many billions of tons of water are they extracting from underground. That all holds the gas down, but as David was explaining to me earlier it also hold the surface up. How many billions of tons can you extract before the subsidence begins. It was pointed out to me at a meeting ages ago, that the Murray Darling Basin will in fact change the course of the river because of this subsidence. That how important this battle is, right here, right now, before one aquifer after another falls and eventually the GAB. It is now we stop this industry and this is the evidence we need to stop it. people power, not bought and sold science.
Further...  Brian quotes UGGS.
Now please read this quote form the above, and tell me how you can remove billions of tons of water and not cause subsidence. ""Land subsidence

The basic cause of land subsidence is a loss of support below ground. In other words, sometimes when water is taken out of the soil, the soil collapses, compacts, and drops. This depends on a number of factors, such as the type of soil and rock below the surface. Land subsidence is most often caused by human activities, mainly from the removal of subsurface water."

This Aquifer collapse, and i hope all the farmers near there stand up now and be counted, because there are a lot of them with bores blowing gas now. This is the gas industry and governments Achilles, this and health impacts. But this is in your face obvious. Is it enough, are there enough true blue Aussies left farming, i guess we find out over the next few days/weeks. Or is this region only full of sellouts who care not for the future generations or the land.
Come on you farmers and I know a lot of you, stand up for Australia, if you don't have someone to film your burning or bubbling bore, message me, we will do it for you. This is the TIME, they stuffed up, here is the chance to ensure water for future generations, don't let your grandchildren down.
Jane Hughes reports to Brian that is now all over Twitter... and that it is being circulated.

Quote from above from Cripps, or Creeps as i think he should be renamed. "I will make sure, as the Government will, that once the investigation to determine the cause is finalized, the appropriate action is taken," he said." Now i translate that to real English, we will kick the dirt, we will wander around aimlessly, we will do little or nothing and then when you forget it ever happened we will say it is all under control and would you please look the other way because there is nothing to see here.  (Tales from the Crypts)

Then the ABC Reported on this:
Queensland's CSG compliance unit investigating bore 'blow out' on the Western Downs

FARMERS MAY CHOOSE TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY ON THIS POST. I spent a lot of the night pondering why a damaged aquifer would get such little publicity. My prediction that a bought and sold pollutician would spin the spin occurred, thanks creeps. My expectation that the farmer would not expose the full extent of damage appears to be true. My prediction that it wouldn't make mainstream appears correct. But none of this was what kept me awake last night, I was awake with this sobering thought, this rumination. It isn't the Gas Companies that allow this industry to flourish, it isn't the Government elect and public servants. No, it isn't, I bet that surprises you. And it wasn't those who signed before the full impacts were obvious. It is those FARMERS who choose the pay off, the payoff is directly proportional to the embarrassment the incident could cause. I think back to when Agforce up here, the farmers organization, went across the state telling farmers they had no choice, now all they talk of is make goods and compensation. No doubt they are involved in this little bore blow out fiasco as well. Anyway, the big bucks will go to the impacted farmer, the sad thing is, that like the bubbling Condamine River, the river that is hardly ever seen in the media, because farmers dont allow access. It is all the same really, the problem is not anyone other than the farmers who see dollar signs as more important than the future of our beautiful nation. So I suggest we stop blaming the companies and the government and start blaming the very people on whom the blame belongs. Not those farmers in the early days, none of us knew back then. But those today, who choose to add their signature of access for the thirty pieces of silver. Not one of my neighbors were forced to sign access agreements, not one, yet 10 out of 13 have. A couple were bullied and coerced, but not one was forced. That is why Coal Seam Gas will roll out over this entire nation, because FARMERS have lost sight of what they once were very good at, caring for the future, their roll is the greatest, their failure to fulfill it has the greatest impact. So when you are at meetings, look around you and see who is going to sell you out, or even if, when the price is right, you will sell out those around you. The FARMER and LAND OWNERS are the true sell outs of our nation. Now i have no intention of modifying this comment. To the farmers I have stood with and talked to who will never sell out, you are all legends, to the rest of you, you are sell outs, you are to blame, not Blighty or Candrill or a gas co, you give this industry permission to destroy our nation with your signature, no one else, no excuses. Probably loose a lot of friends with this post, but the thing is, I don't want sell outs as friends, I fight this fight at great personal cost, and I expect my friends to fight it at the same cost. This is the battle for a future, if that isnt worth the cost, then un-friend me. [Facebook]
I would like to add something here, in the early days before we knew, I would have sold to get out of the industrialization, I just didn't want people all over our land. So no saint here, and I don't profess to be one. But now no one has an excuse, everyone knows, everywhere, and those who cannot see cannot see for greed.

But now as I watch this cancer spreading over the entire nation I realize every signature not given, every pollution exposed, every failure publicized is one chip for the future, other areas and some of ours will save itself by chipping away. PLEASE DON'T SIGN, you have a future to protect.
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IMG 2338 Another Australian Shame - Tara Gas Hub QLD.
On the Western Darling Downs District of South East Queensland

Images @ Eminpee Fotography-gas

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