Thursday, November 27, 2014

AN OPEN LETTER TO PRIME MINISTER ABBOTT: From Dr D Pascoe a Darling Downs Veterinary surgeon

Dear Prime Minister Abbott,

About a week ago, the home of David Quince, a well-known Liverpool Plains farmer and prominent anti-CSG activist, was the subject of an attempted break in.

They – whoever they might be - knew that David was at home alone and tried to break into his house at 3.00 am in the morning.

From all accounts, it was an extremely frightening experience.

David Quince is one of the finest and most respected farmers not merely on the Liverpool Plains – but in Australia.

He is also one of the very toughest and the very bravest: like ourselves, he has led the charge and never taken a single backward step when it came to defending his land and what he believed to be right.

My wife Heather and I know exactly what David Quince has gone through.

We have also stood up to defend our land and do what we believed to be right in the face of what is now a virtual mining invasion.

Our home has been broken into no less than three times since September 2013.

Heather was targeted the first time, with her computers, laptops and IPads removed and her files forensically searched.

We were broken into again in April 2014, and I was the target this time: all of my computers, laptops, IPads, binoculars, cameras and tape recorders were stolen, as well as my files being searched. My Land Cruiser was also stolen.

Our house was again broken into the next night, despite being secured by carpenters and locksmiths. After putting in security and dogs, more intruders were apprehended on the next night.

Four nights later, a helicopter was sat ten metres above our house at midnight. Since then, we have been forced to move out of our family home and seek security.

We have received no satisfaction at all from local Toowoomba police.

As you know, this matter was raised by Bob Katter in Federal Parliament a few weeks ago and the investigation of Federal Police has been sought.

This matter was also raised by ourselves on Friday at the Senate Committee Investigation into the Newman Government in Queensland.


No Australian should be forced to endure the *terrorization and trauma that David Quince and my wife and I have been forced to endure.

Prime Minister, we would like to ask you a few simple questions.

How long can we expect to see prominent Australian citizens being treated this way, and on your watch?

When, from a Prime Minister and our Commander in Chief, will you protect the citizens of our nation and defend our prime agricultural land and scant water resources against this foreign mining invasion?

It is time for you to stand up and be counted.

The Australian people expect nothing less.

Kind regards

Dr David Pascoe

Photo: David Quince.

Source: Dr David Pascoe

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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