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PT 2-2 History and Those Who Write it. The True History, Hidden in Plain View.

 ~ Ed Chiarini ~

So on the other side of the family (the side branching from Elliot Roosevelt, Teddy's brother who becomes Taft His Vice president, and later played the role of JP MORGAN The person Teddy went head to head with to get the Wilson Act in placehahah (ah what a scam). 

Taft was hand selected by Teddy to take the presidency when he stepped down. The only president, in history that the former president hand selected,  and put in office without an election (hahahah  more CRAP). 

So that branch of the tree is where you see Perot (A known successful banker) comes from. Remember Kermit Roosevelt was also known as a Banker and was the top one in  Argentina.  Coincidentally is also where they seem to always locate the Nazi war criminals. 

That family today owns a large Cattle / Dairy farm there today, as I located MAX Kaiser the internet talk show host who is known for his background as a banking guru, lives.  (
Ahahah whatever). Joseph P Kennedy a banker Teddy a banker, TAFT = aka JP moreGAINS a banker, and so on and so on) 

So Perot is H W Bush's Cousin, which means the presidential election where you have H W Bush running against Perot, and also Clinton, THEY ARE ALL FAMILY! SO IT DIDN'T MATTER WHO YOU VOTED FOR.
They don't mess with the ballots, all that talk is a bunch of bull.  THEY DON'T NEED TO WHEN ALL THE CANDIDATES ARE RELATED.

Skip back again to the time of the Great Depression (yet another slap in the face because it was Great for them only) and the years of prohibition

(prohibition. Definition 1. Conscious or unconscious lack restraint of a behavioral process, a desire, or an impulse; the opposite of inhibition. 

Again a slap in your face as they use their media assets to keep you in a state of fear, causing you to be reactionary to their lies)   HMMMmmmm  who owned the rights and still does to this day, many of the major alcohol labels starting with Dewar's Whiskey? 

That would be Joseph P Kennedy Sr again. Who made countless millions while his relatives in the White House waged the FAKE war on the Alcohol, which drove the black market consumption of the product.  

In turn increased its value translating into HUGE TAX FREE MONEY for those overseas,  where the liquor was being produced, and largely by the family members, who, as I mentioned, were in office.

They also created the depression, and were just about the only people to make a profit during that time?


WHO started the CIA?  And before that the CIAA?  (Disney was put as the lead of the CIAA) but who put him there?  Nelson Rockefeller
(AKA TEX Ritter)


Research the Teapot dome scandal and you will see Theo J R Teddy's other son and brothers with all the names mentioned had to resign from his position in the navy, (THAT FACT is difficult to find, but by digging deep enough, you will see the references to the scandal that almost cost the Roosevelt's their position at the top).

The scandal surrounded Theo Roosevelt who was in the NAVY at the time and  in charge of giving out the land leases to private companies after the war.  In order to fuel a fleet of ships you need a lot of fuel and that means a lot of oil, so the navy took over many of the oil fields to ensure they had enough fuel to last the war.  

He was  supposed to give the leases to companies who won them by being the highest bidder for the property.   But he chose to award them to companies where his other brothers worked.  OH so you mean that is how the family took the oil fields? 

YEP  OH and that is the connection to STANDARD OIL?  YEP. I see now.

That is where the Bush family got their land and oil fields (all given to them by their family who were in office at the time)  YEP, YEP.   Keeping it in the family and conducting business right in front of the public, but since they all used pseudonyms the deals were not questioned or found to be breaking the monopoly laws THEIR RELATIVE TEDDY put in place, to stop just that type of thing from happening.

Nice way to cap your competition off while you and the rest of your now established brood rip off the world.

Remember Prescott Bush was  found guilty of trading with the enemy (Germany during the war)  WELL HOLY SH*T no wonder since Hitler was his BROTHER Kermit,  and the rest of his family all played the Nazi around him.

 while our president Roosevelt (FDR) hired DISNEY to produce the war propaganda for both the US and ENGLAND.

 Easy to do when Disney is Hitler and the cousin of the president.

You can trace all those connections to the Emperor Wilhelm the KAISER,  yes the same KAISER family that is behind the Kaiser Permanente hospitals

(GET IT? Kaiser is German for KING, so you have the Permanent King)  

They were partnered with the red cross WHICH WAS STARTED BY WHO?  Elinore Roosevelt.

KAISER through his son, (which the people didn't know was his son, because he used a pseudonym) were able to buy all the war time ships that their family supplied all the steel in the first place, to produce. 

They were called the Liberty Cruise line.  ALL the major cruise lines carnival, etc. Are  owned by the family.  This is how they were able to create the shipping empire that ONASSIS, Kaisers son, owned.

 I'm sure they paid a fair price for the ships and they didn't get any break from the person in office, PRESIDENT Roosevelt, his cousin  NOOOOoooo  no conflict of interest there.


THEY ARE THE ONASSIS that you see Jackie (of course family living and marrying) more like that was her father really.  But you see the complete connection they have to all this and why they profit from conflict.  

when I busted John FORBES Kerry, trying to start a war in the middle east, I called out the fact that our history books show his father started the STEEL industry in the UK.

Hmm, you see the connection to the steel again?

You will also find the connection with the Swedish royals who the current QUEEN got busted for her connection to during WWII. 

Her family owned the Steel industry at that time and they are a branch of the family that during WWI was in competition with the US steel production as WWI was fought over the Germans producing more steel than the US corporations.  (Most likely a lie and they are all the same bloodline)

To rouse, means to trick. 

This is why you see the Disney castle is made to look like an EMPEROR WILHELM's castle, and you see the German crest in the window of the Disney home (that was also the home of HITLER (used as the location to film all the Hitler Berg shots.) 

ALL IN CALIFORNIA, how nice and convenient for them to be so close to the Disney headquarters.
The BERG which is the word commonly used in reference to Hitlers home, is why the names with BERG in them are created.  GreenBERG, RosenBERG, GoldBERG, BuilderBERG (to build a better berg, definition = From Middle English bergh, berg, from Old English berg, beorg (“mountain, hill”), from Proto-Germanic *bergaz, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰergʰ (“height”) as in" Your Highness".

The Green code name stems from Tex Ritter, who attended school at SOUTH PARK High and were known as the Greenies.  This name game is a way for them to signal one another involved, while they lay claim to their handy work, only if you know, what I just told you, would you put that connection together. That information comes directly from one of TEX's relatives who I spoke with while I was researching the JFK HOAX.

The Dick joke name game stems from the Royal side and the comedians that made up the British Comedy Invasion. Monty Python is the core of that group as are their decedents in the roles of stand up comedians who also founded the Second City Tv, National Lampoons. 

(Definition of Lampoon is a piece of writing, a drawing, etc. which criticizes in a humorous way a famous person or a public organizationallowing their bad qualities to be seen and making them seem stupid:)

Making the Nation look stupid, this was funny to them since they are Canadian, but the American public was clueless and still is to the Crowns attack.



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