Friday, September 19, 2014

Groundswell Gloucester Media Release



17 September 2014

Gloucester Council Approves Primitive Camping Ground

This morning, Gloucester Council gave approval for a camping ground on private property at Jacks Rd Gloucester.  The camp will temporarily house people who want to object to the deeply unpopular AGL Coal Seam Gas development.

“The Gloucester gas project is significant to all of NSW, not just the local community and those immediately downstream.  Everybody deserves the chance to peacefully object to bad laws and bad decisions and the camp allows ordinary people who cannot afford motels to do this,” said Mrs Julie Lyford, President of Groundswell Gloucester.

AGL, who do not want to give the community and its supporters the chance to show their opposition, had objected to the application.

The support of more than 80% of submissions in favour of the camp was in line with many surveys of the public on attitudes to CSG in NSW.  A survey conducted by AGL asked, ‘How supportive are you of CSG exploration in NSW?’  Thirteen percent replied ‘supportive’.

Mrs Lyford said, “AGL would like to think that they have a social license for their gas project at Gloucester but, despite their public relations onslaught, the evidence is to the contrary”.

The campsite was approved subject to conditions.  The conditions include a security bond of $26,000 as a guarantee against damage to public land.  Groundswell Gloucester is a non-profit community organisation with an annual budget that is a small fraction of that amount.

“Groundswell cannot just write this cheque” said Mrs Lyford, “we are asking 1000 Australians to show their support for Gloucester and our cause by donating $26 each to our camp fund.  Go to our web site for details.”

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