Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Member for New England finally submits to the sacrifice.

I Barnaby Joyce scratching his bum
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The lack of a strong inner life has been the downfall of the Member for New England falling from grace and from the position of Deputy Prime Minister for Australia.

Barnaby Thomas Gerard Joyce who is the sitting member for New England has at last submitted and stepped down as Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the National Party of Australia. 

Immediately he did this the wolves gathered to the feast to stab it with their steely knives and put in their two bobs worth about how they should be selected as leader of the National Party.

Barnaby Joyce flapped on about how it was his personal business and that we should not pass judgement.  Perhaps he is right about that tiny part.  However this is not the reason why the MP is under scrutiny in my opinion. 

For me primarily it is about his corrupt practices that Joyce is yet to admit to.  His purchase of two properties in the Central west of New South Wales at Gwabegar.  These properties are where the inland rail is going to be. 

Another large issue is the misuse of parliamentary funds, flying around in an RAAF jet from Football home to Armidale.

The biggest of them all is the Sexual Harrassment allegations from Western Australia.
Click here to read who has put forward the allegations.
Barnaby Joyce sexual harasment allegations

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