Saturday, February 17, 2018

Happy Birthday Billy and Bags .... shine on in our hearts.

My mother said to me a few days before she passed, "I thought that you would be the one who would hate me the most and you ended up being the one who loved me the most". She thought I would hate her because she had ten children and she had to leave me at four months alone on the bed. I was separated from everyone. She was so relieved that I am not that sort of person and perhaps after that she was able to pass peacefully. I never met my mummy "Bags" until I was over 18 or so maybe 19 .. Have you ever seen a dry plant that some one finally gave some water to?. That was me. I was so grateful to my BF at the time who helped me find her. It's why I am a bit of a weirdo you know, everything was just a bit crazy. I knew my daddy "Billy", he was a true legend but the war damaged him. I never saw him walk, he was a paraplegic, he had an accident just a couple of months before I was born. I always knew people hated me because I was so badly in the way of it all. I carried that feeling throughout my life until I learned more about myself and the connection to the All. My daddy went star ward when I was 12, it felt too soon. It was in fact too soon for both of them although in real terms we are on a journey that doesn't end here and so I got no call on whether its good or bad in that sense. I know they watch over us all, I sense it from time to time, certain kooky things happen and I smile. The other thing this means, is my friends have been my family forever. I'm grateful for the beauty everyone of these people imparted into my life and for sharing your families with me and sharing my parents birthday with me today

Bill and Ellen (nee Baguley) Peters Killarney Show

 Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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