Friday, November 17, 2017

GARLIC 2017 edition

Two days ago I harvested our Garlic from the bottom yard and every piece is beautiful and there are zero onions (so far).  There are still around twenty plants left in the ground that haven't flowered as yet so I'm giving these a little bit more time in the ground to see if they do end up flowering at some stage before I harvest those too.

IMG 4754  Deepwater Garlic growing 2016 season.

Today we are plaiting the garlic to make it beautiful for hanging and for gifts.  I use stacks of garlic everyday in our food and if I were to purchase that amount I use then there would be no money left for other things.  So its a super idea to grow it each year and keep the family healthy and happy and keep the nasty vampires at bay.

I have a link to a blog by Penny Woodward listed here where you can get all of the instructions for Garlic Plaiting. 


So, it was a good idea I consulted the instructions before I plaited.  I could not plait the Garlics yet.  "Oh No" I said, "They're not limp enough".  So I have to wait a fortnight at least until their stems are limper and able to be plaited and held and manipulated.  If I was to begin this today there would just be broken stalks.  I was disappointed but now I am just eager to try this and I will be patient.  They will be wonderful I am sure.


When the Garlic is ready for harvest its a great idea to not leave it in the ground if there is a lot of wet weather around.  This splits the cloves and makes for not nice looking garlic.  It is only the perfect image that are damaged.  A split clove is just that, a split clove.  It will still taste awesome.  As the year draws on and I don't have as much left  I pull my cloves apart and put in a basket in the kitchen cupboard where its easy to retrieve each piece.  Any Garlic is so good for you, any varieties.  It tastes fabulous.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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